Wednesday, August 26, 2015

You "Are" Bloody Wowsers!

The Melons are still making certain their "Tool" label remains.

As the parliament  moves to allow adults to behave like adults with the RWC games in the dawn hours by legislating to alleviate the suffocating  politically correct nonsense that will ask Bars wishing to host watchers who just might want a beer to be forced to seek "Special Licences" to keep within the law.

Now those specials include a fee resulting in Mine Host to do some maths,  then seek a special that the police and wowsers can frustrate, leading to even more costs.

But but but, some feral might get liquored up and go home and beat up the current  missus, what planet are they on, there are plenty of ways such a mongrel can achieve that without paying pub prices to get sufficiently pissed to have such an outcome unravel.

There are already enough laws that could cause back problems if someone tried to move them, covering pissed people doing pissed things that could have them arrested.
Nuisance, offensive behaviour, drunk and disorderly, casting offensive matter, jay walking, resisting arrest, threatening behaviour, offensive language

Then what about the old ones; vagrancy, no visible means of support, indecent exposure, swearing, spitting, affray, consorting,

I wonder if we will ever grow up and let consenting adults do legal actions without some freakin do gooder nosy bastard getting involved, probably not while the totally stupid MMP gives unwarranted relevance to subnormals who would struggle to get a job as a lollipop thingy.

Probably not while melons get a platform that allows them to be total morons.

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Lindsay Mitchell said...

Anecdotally domestic violence went up when smoking was banned in bars. More people drinking at home makes more trouble at home. Imagine if All Blacks lose plus everybody drinking at home when it happens! Seriously, like you, I am sick to death of living in a society that makes punitive, universal laws in a futile attempt to control a small but highly anti-social minority.