Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Last month I blogged here on the cowardly attack by Winston Peters and Kelvin Davis on David Wong Tung, husband of Judith Collins, alleging that a company of which he is a director was involved in the illegal export of swamp kauri from its Northland sawmill.    

I say cowardly deliberately because the attack was made under parliamentary privilege in the knowledge that they could not be sued for defamation even if it was proved wrong.

Both 'gentlemen' were challenged to repeat the claim outside the House.   They declined.   Why should they ... the damage was done, mud sticks and, why open themselves to civil action anyway?  

But the allegation was taken up and repeated on State radio leaving the broadcaster to face the music in a clear case of 'act in haste, repent at leisure'.    You can read their grovelling apology here.    As for the "we did not intend to suggest that Oravida and Mr Wong-Tung were involved in the illegal export of swamp kauri logs or that they had exported swamp kauri in breach of the Forests Act"  and you gotta be kidding.   That was exactly what Peters and Davis were alleging and you got sucked into repeating the defamation.   What is not reported in the apology is the quantum of damages agreed on.   I expect they were substantial.

And now we can expect both Peters and Davis to apologize for their collective cowardly allegation now proven false ... can we what!!!!  Since when has Peters apologised for anything including the rorting of the taxpayer $159k to finance his election campaign and, as for Davis, thought he was a cut above the rest but now he takes his place alongside the rest of Labour's dirt brigade.


gravedodger said...

Living in the mainland and relying on a seriously warped media for so much information these days, I had high hopes for Kelvin Davis to a point where I thought he might be better, in fact a winner.

Oh how wrong, liquidating the Hadfields was a good start but now he is just another fucking coon looking out for hisself.

Yes there were some aspects of his attack on Sam Lotu liga that were a legitimate political moves but then he became a victim of elevation to legend in his clearly suspect thought process.
Now with his preference to consort with scrotes like Taylor and other bastards in Pare to try and ramp up the selective assault on private prisons while totally ignoring equally degenerate occurrences in union run prisons in a campaign that is clearly being directed by the oh so reasonable Bevan Hanlon. A very manipulative person so quick to shield and protect the dishonest bastards in his nice state run institutions.
Remind me again who mans the Christchurch remand prison where the 'alleged' murderer of baby Ihaka Stokes was given the bash. Not convicted and not sentenced but the nice Mr Hanlon's slobs failed to protect a man on remand who would have been an absolute certainty to suffer extra judicial punishment at the hands of the crims.

Sorry Mr Davis you promised much but now you have been exposed with feet of clay that seem to be the lot of almost everyone who comes to notice in the NZLP train wreck.

Don't pass go, don't collect $200, just head back to your job as a member of the third sex.

I have unlocked the Gunsafe in case a pig should fly by as bacon stocks are a bit low at present.

Noel said...

Bit precious with the parliamentary privilege thingy. I remember cases where Joe Kiwi who were not in parliament been besmirched but there was no call by pollies to change the rules.She's a politician so why should she be treated differently?

Noel said...

Ahh I remember there was also Benson Pope.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... since when was the husband a politician? ... parliamentary privilege is just that ... a privilege to be exercised responsibly. And if perchance you get it wrong might not the decent thing be to apologize ... like the media had to (and pay a financial penalty also).

Mud sticks (even if the mud is crap). By all means use pp to expose a wrong but when you get it wrong (or make it up just to score a political point) what then?

Noel said...

So Benson Pope wasn't to score a political point?
Remind me again who was promoting that.

The Veteran said...

Errrrr Noel ... if you want to debate the substance of my post then let's please compare apples with apples. DB-P was a MP, DWT is not. There is an unwritten rule in parliament that families are off-limits. Break that rule at your peril. The Whips Office has long institutional memories.

As to DB-P and he resigned as a Minister (accepted by H1) after he was outed that his office had made phone calls that led to the sacking of the Ministry of Environment's newly appointed Communications Manager on the basis that she had a personal relationship with John Key's Chief Press Secretary.

WRP and KD went after DWT solely because he was married to Judith Collins with allegations that at the end of the day were accepted as false.

If you use as the standard that set by H1 then that 'Little' man should have demoted KD to number XYZ on the back bench. As for WRP, well its water of a ducks back with him. He has made so many allegations over the years proven false as to fill several volumes of Hansard. He will continue with that because that's what he is ... plenty of noise and not much substance.

But I repeat. If those two had any personal integrity (and clearly they don't) they should have apologized.

Final point. Have you met DB-P? I have. He's a thug in the Mallard/Cosgrove tradition. I have also met David Wong Tung. He is a very gentle man and a gentleman.

Noel said...

I was referring t the other attack by Rodney Hide and guess who.
What goes around comes around.