Sunday, August 2, 2015

Well Done Joe, Pity About The Value.

$40 for 63 seconds of fight, yeah I know there was an undercard but sheesh sixty three and a half cents per second and he was being talked up as a threat. Someone was telling fibs.

You seem to be a real deal Joseph so keep your current success in the forefront of your planning because it has probably begun and we havn't been told but there will be a swarm of locusts whose first loyalty will be themselves and then you will end up with most of your hard earned dosh disappearing and it will take a while for you to realise.

Kevin Barry may not be the best and he does have a record of bringing fighters to the game from here in far away NZ  but while it is going so well just get a decent lawyer from a company with no connection to Boxing keep a separation between your financial planning and your promotion.
Ignore all those who will be telling you, 'you can do better' if they are doing the "Management".

A reasonable record is being fashioned here and the next major hurdle will arise because no half decent contenders will want to have their progress sent to the canvas inside a minute but it is compelling viewing.

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