Saturday, August 1, 2015


... the 'scroat' has now been sentenced.    3 years and 3 months before parole is apparently 'justice done'.   Name suppression continues with his 'brief' bemoaning the fact he had to face the Criminal Court and suggesting that all 'young' offenders under the age of 20 should be dealt with by the Youth Court.

Old enough to marry and have kids; old enough to go to war; old enough to stand for parliament; old enough to vote; old enough to go on the dole .... just what planet does Maria Pecotic inhabit?

Sentence, name suppression, lawyer ... words genuinely fail me.


Allan said...

There is something drastically wrong with our justice system. A family loses a loved one at the hands of a feral. The feral gets all of the sympathy, the family is left with a sense of loss and no justice done. The minute that the feral walked into the dairy armed with a knife the intent to cause grevious bodily harm or murder was obvious. Instead a bunch of bleeding hearts on the Jury decide that it was an accidental death because the victim tried to defend himself and was killed during the course of that action and to make matters worse a very weak Judge decides to impose a light sentence. This will be only the start of this low life's criminal record and I am betting that we will see his name in lights having murdered another innocent victim within a few years of his release. Meanwhile the Defence Lawyers and Judges carry on with their heads so far up their butts that they cant smell the roses thinking what a marvelous job they are doing. There is no justice under the current system whatsoever.

Noel said...

It's the offense that determines his elevation to the "big boys" court.
He will have had his family group conference in the youth court where he can invite only those he wants, gone through a Section 9 and 14 and every other trick his defense laywer uses to minimise his sentence.

How do I know? On the same treadmill with the one thug the police managed to gather circumstantial evidence on who was part of a three person group who beat my son senseless and left him for dead.

All credit to the little dog who stood over him until his master came to find what he was barking about.

The real animal has more compassion than those gang members who's signature is a bark.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... what you experienced is not too different from what the Kumar family has had to endure. And I suspect the support provided to both families pales into insignificance when compared to that given to the offender(s) per courtesy of the taxpayer.

It's wrong, patiently wrong, and decent New Zealanders deserve better.

Noel said...

The Youth Court was established with good intentions to offer the opportunity to turn around young offenders.

Unfortunately it has come to be manipulated by the offender, his family and defence council.

I wasn't surprised when I found out the offender in my sons case had a long record of diversion with few convictions.

In short it isn't turning the most dangerous ones around and that is putting Joe Public at risk.

Noel said...

Next month will be a year since we recieved a phone call in the early hours from my sons partner that he would not make it through the night. Weeks in ICU that left his young daughter with nightmares,a further month in hospital blind and partially deaf shuffling around in circle, whilst mumbling incohrrently as he tried to renew the damaged nerves in his cheeks and tounge. Followed by six months of intensive rehabilitation.

I wonder if that milestone will have the same coverage as Connor Morris?

The Veteran said...

Noel ... comment not required.