Thursday, August 6, 2015

Those Petards Can Be Damaging.

The attack dogs have hounded Bronwyn Bishop from the Federal Speakers chair because her Claim that her take from the trough exceeded what the media managed to portray as unacceptable even though within the rules.

Now one of her main protagonists is himself  revealed as the most copious consumer of perks ever behind the greatest trougher ever in Australian Federal Politics one unlamented Juliar Gillard and  some are suggesting that the leader of opposition business or in our terms, opposition leader of the House, should change his name from Tony Burke to Tony Perk, but he could keep the honorary title as a right burke from the left
Among his entitlelitus extraordinaire  revealed, includes taking his children to Uluru or Ayers Rock as we knew it,  on the parliamentary expense rort but then made it a really indefensible act by putting the little dears in Business class for the flight.

Paul Zanetti sums it up nicely at the Pickering Post today.

Confucius, he say check wind before lighting up.

 Oh and kerosene would be safer.

Being hoist by a petard whether your own  or someone else's would be a serious ouch but self immolation could be more painful long term.


Howie said...

"her Claim that her take from the trough exceeded what the media managed to portray as unacceptable even though within the rules."


Anyway, interesting that you think charging the taxpayer to take a helicopter to a Liberal Party fundraiser is just fine. Is there anything that a right-winger does that can be viewed as wrong by you do you think? I'm guessing given your proclivities for tory ass-licking, that would be a no.

gravedodger said...

It is widely accepted in the very loose rules around such bastardry in Canberra, her troughing was within the fucking rules only as a display of total arrogance it proved fatal.
Maybe a comment on Shorton Brains travel to Bathurst for the 'light on the hill' Chifley dinner that allegedly put funds in the local ALP coffers but to a retard such as you continually prove is your lot that would only be Liberal wrong Labor right, right.
Then there is your red headed worst and first female PM who took a Royal Australian Airforce Jet to get to one of her besty's wedding.

Not content to fly his spawn to Uluru Tony 'Total Jerk' Burke then flew them on to Darwin again up the pointy end.

I have a total understanding of the degree of brain damage you are afflicted with so no further proof is necessary. I know the meaning of sympathy it is in your dictionary between shit and syphilis.

In a simple (if that is not too hard) sentence could you justify Burke asking the poor people to have his spawn in business class when nearly all of those poor bastards will only ever read about such luxury.

Howie said...

ROFL, yep, that's a no. Have you no pity for the long-sufferng Australian taxpayer having to pay for Queen Bronwyn's private chopper flights? I guess she's entitled right? Like your mates Roger Douglas and Rodney Hide. What is it with tories and spending other people's money? I thought you were supposed to hate that sort of thing, or is that only when it relates to poverty alleviation and protecting the environment?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

In this case, her use of expenses was grossly excessive. Now Tony Burke's use of expenses is being exposed as ten times worse.

It's called karma.

You know whenever Howie's mates make an accusation of improper practice, they have been indulging in the same practice for years.