Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Way Your !st XV Is Going There's A Carpark.!

Stuff has a picture of a bunch of surly poor little rich boys bemoaning having their wheels clamped for illegal parking

Apparently their entitled pampered existence has them  short of parks for their wheels while they attend Christs College.


Students at Christ's College want the school to let them park in a nearby empty lot. L-R: Phillipo Georgiou, Miro Sykes, Zac Jones, Ben Wade, Ashton Finlayson and Kerry Coffey.

How about get your hands out of your pockets, tuck your shirts in, straighten your ties, hitch your pants up and look as if you are just a little appreciative of your privileged opportunity.
Then seriously reconsider whether you really need to park at all. there are still bikes being sold and walking is healthy.

I am almost certain Daddy or Mummy's current squeeze has a vacant lot somewhere nearby that "Wilsons" haven't put their signage on yet.

I know more than a few who will be rather disgusted by that image.


Anonymous said...

Oh. So pimping the rich exists as well as pimping the poor.


Is NZ evolving into a nation of professional whingers?

I suspect so.

Oh crap. I'm doing my own whinging..........arrghh!


gravedodger said...

Jimmie, if you were a loyal and proud ex pupil, would you seriously consider the entitled whinging accompanied by the rather tragic picture to be likely to induce you to donate when the begging letter came around.

My thoughts would be little different if it was Aranui, Linwood or Cashmere, that Pic is decadence in a millisecond and they all have the same attitudes without a smidgeon of pride in their school. Does that explain in part the abysmal effort of the first xv when School slaughtered them by 80 points. Hell the bunch up Papanui Rd who wear skirts put 40 points on them and half their pupils are Shelaghs.

Tinman said...

GD my school, Cashmere, provided me with parking well over 40 years ago.

Christs have the empty section, the refusal to allow the use of such is simply bloody minded.

Having said that I find your communistic rant as disgraceful as these boys going to The Press over an internal squabble.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

One's a head tilter, one's a slope shoulder, ones a 'can't do up his tie and one's a giddy giddy gout.

They look like socialists to me.