Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Twyford Effect

That's the sound of your votes being pissed away and flushed down the toilet.

Have a look at Roy Morgan for an example.

Labour at 27% is down 5%, almost entirely due to Twyford's desicable antics.

“Prime Minister John Key’s National (50.5%, up 7.5% since July) has regained the lead from a potential Labour/Greens alliance 38% (down 5%) following controversial remarks regarding the booming Auckland housing market by Labour housing spokesperson Phil Twyford in July. The Key Government’s strength is backed up by a rise in Roy Morgan Government Confidence 120pts (up 2pts) which remains far higher in New Zealand than ‘across the ditch’ in Australia - Australian Government Confidence is now at a record low 86.
“Twyford appeared to blame the rapid increase on housing prices in Auckland on Chinese buyers according to housing sales data supplied by an unidentified firm. Twyford released data that showed nearly 40% of housing purchase transactions in Auckland between February and April 2015, of 4,000 sales recorded in the data, were by ethnic Chinese. The latest New Zealand Census data from 2013 shows ethnic Chinese comprise around 10% of the Auckland population.

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