Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Only One In Step.

As a young man, a family parable had a young Scottish Lad join the Gordon Highlanders and when his proud mum went to his passing out parade she was just so proud.

Ooch ther's ma wee Geordie, he's the only one in step.

That sums up Twit Twyford as he continues to assert his embarrassing misuse of raw Barfoot & Thompson sales data in a totally ugly racist attempt to prove mainland Chinese are buying up Auckland City.
Today his desperation had him at odds with our most famous Squash Player currently masquerading as the Race Relations Commissioner, who finally,  weeks after the inept racist garbage hit the news cycle,  declared that the tactic was "deeply hurtful" and was worsening race relations in this country.

Now Twit could have just let it go and remained in the discard pile but no the nonentity who spent endless hours, days, weeks and months while the Clark regime held sway trying to find a political home, that suited his enormous talents, made the tactical error of fanning the flames by claiming TSP aka Susan Devoid misunderstood the true situation that has him almost "the only one in step".

Flogging a dead horse has much more potential Phil aka Twit, at least that pointless activity has some opportunity as an exercise to increase fitness.
How many more Asians living in Te Atatu can you throw off the Twitfod bus before your re-election becomes problematic.

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