Thursday, August 27, 2015

Something To Celebrate?

The monthly page views for the last 30 days goes past 100 000 so even if it is knockers, pessimists, supporters, or merely the bored who take the time to drop by, it gives this contributor some quiet  satisfaction.

With "No Minister" at around tenth ranked in open parachute's blog rankings and the off line positive comments by email from what I consider good people, I am very comfortable with what I contribute here.
The snide shallow negative comments are further encouragement, even more so when the black dog stays in its kennel.

A humble thankyou to my enablers, fellow contributors, supporters and constructive critics for the opportunity that allows any small part I play here.

I also wish to thank in this self indulgent discourse, those from elsewhere in the political blog world who offer support and encouragement both personal and professional.


Gavin said...

I hardly ever comment but do read everyday, a good site with loads of commonsence, much appriciated.

Anonymous said...

No Minister is our first go to blog every morning and Gravedodger we particularly love your posts, your turn of phrase,funny,thought provoking posts are spot on !!

Lou Taylor said...

Keep up the good work GD
No Minister is a great brand and you play a big part in it.
look forward to meeting you one day

Redbaiter said...

Good on you mate, and good on your relatives above for backing you up.

I hope you go on to even greater success.

The only criticism I have is that if you repeat a fact, one should at least make some effort to ensure that fact is true.

Surely that is not an unreasonable criticism.

gravedodger said...

Your assertion Russell that the comments came from relatives needs the same fact checking you want me to apply.

"The only criticism I have is that if you repeat a fact, one should at least make some effort to ensure that fact is true".

The only people who comment here that are known to me from any previous personal contact are Ele from Homepaddock and my co-contributor pdm, both of them met through arranged contact to put a face to a blog id.
If I met any of the others in the street I would have no clue as to who they were unless they were wearing a name badge.
That includes all my co hosts other than pdm.

Christ on a bike you are a total moron aren't you, now scuttle back to your very own fountain of bile and bullshit and carry on.

gravedodger said...

Btw Russell how's your bestie Cole going with the legals, filed anything besides his nails yet.

pdm said...

GD - as it is a while since we had that beer at the Heretaunga Club in Hastings - which no longer exists now - we could well pass each other in the street as well. Time for another beer perhaps when you are next in the bay as I doubt I will be down your way in the short term.