Monday, August 24, 2015

Seriously Incompetent?

It gives Adolf no pleasure to observe that if New Zealand had a credible opposition, the wood duck responsible for the hash which is changes to work place safety rules would by now have been replaced.

Of course, Adolf sees only that which is carried by the media and various vested interest blogs so it is difficult to see what really is going on.  However, Woodhouse's greatest crime is his mishandling of the media and his apparent lack of political nous.   This man is not a future PM.

Worm farms and mini golf courses more dangerous than farms?

Monty Python could have written the script.


Noel said...

I'm perplexed on this one.
Work Safes briefing to the incoming Minister in October 2014 said;

"The agriculture sector remains one of the worst performing in relation to health and safety. In 2013 there were 20 deaths from workplace accidents in agriculture – more than the forestry,construction, and manufacturing sectors combined."

Gee how did they turn it around in only one year?

gravedodger said...

I emailed an MP asking how many knew a village was missing it's idiot revealed by this latest disaster for the government.

Treating Farm deaths as relevant facts in industrial incidents uses really bad data with many people who meet with serious accident and death on a farm not in paid employment at that site. Most farms offer an almost unlimited opportunity for entertainment and recreation along with the hazards and real dangers that accompany them
Old retired, untrained visitors, trespassers, young family, all with a significant over estimation of their abilities are all too often victims along with another bunch who with or without permission involve themselves with what they see as romantic and simple challenges around terrain, livestock and machinery.

Many die in the sea but those deaths are not attributed to the shipping industry, others in light aircraft and no one attempts to blame the aviation industry for them, climbers are not included in Doc figures. Worm farming however is a total mystery although legionnaires disease and poor footwear choices could be responsible.

Anonymous said...

You haven't seen his bumbling attempt to change the Easter trading laws yet then.
what a dumb arse this fellow is. Giving it to local councils to decide. WHY?
Just remove the stupid laws and let shop owners decide for themselves. The INTERNET trades 24/365. why shouldn't a shop?
Why is it any of local or national Govt.'s business when I work?

All over the papers tonight.

This little shorter than short man is a clown.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


In this case I think you are wrong. In fact it is the business of local or central gummint when you work because when you work in retail has an effect on other people.

Barry said...

I think the owner of a shop is the person or firm who should decide when it opens and closes.