Sunday, August 2, 2015


Rich pickings for pedants and it seems the two words are remarkably similar in meaning and use.

Preventive as I understand is the earlier Adjective to prevent with the alternative of preventative gaining ground  in a world where posturing and using of larger words is current fashion.

Now many use either word when referring to the criminal sentence in NZ law where the convicted is subject to an indeterminate sentence with more chance of continued incarceration that is allied to protection of society.
With admission of offending, change in attitudes and behaviours, intense scrutiny by Psychiatrists in preparing for parole and a more flexible system for those so sentenced. as to parole chances.

The legislation uses the word Preventive Detention so that seems to be best when referring to the sentence while in fact in describing  the actual sentence it can be either word.

Fertile soils for debate though and where is good old Max Cryer where that sort of thing was a speciality and provided many hours of interesting  speculation on the wireless but currently not on stations I listen to.

Is Max still around?

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