Tuesday, August 4, 2015


read this from the Northern Advocate and weep.   Ex-RNZN Chief Petty Officer Kelly Kahukiwa has served his country with honour and now he finds himself blacklisted by the PPTA from completing his teacher training in state schools all because he had the temerity to start off his teaching career in a Charter School.    

Kelly comes into the 'profession' with a background in real life quite unlike some of the prats whose seamless transition from school to university and back to school again has made them think they are gods gift to the world as of right (and where performance pay is a dirty word).

And the Pakeha leader of the Union, while admitting the boycott was discriminatory, said it was legally and ethically sound.

Ye Gods ... 'she' wouldn't know what ethics are if it jumped up and bit her in the bum.  


Noel said...

"Last month Education Minister Hekia Parata told the Northern Advocate: "I think it's utterly disgraceful that the PPTA is preventing the teacher getting a placement in a school."

The BOT is the employer not the PPTA.

The Veteran said...

Noel ... obviously, but it's the PPTA that have instructed their members not to provide any support for trainee teachers coming from Charter Schools looking to do 'section' in the state school system. Section involves assessment and support from the teacher body as part of the learning process. Without that support it is a worthless exercise.

Can I suggest a large minority (perhaps a majority) of teachers only support the PPTA because they prefer the quiet life rather than poking their head above the parapet and risking collegial thuggery from the 'heavies' in the profession who are more likely than not to be the drones anyway.

Whatever, for the PPTA it's clearly ideology over what's best for the kids ... sad.

gravedodger said...

Noel and Angela still believe Ethics Is a County Cwicket team.

Psycho Milt said...

Teachers in the public education system won't support trainees who are helping the government undermine the public education system. That's their right, just as it's Mr Kahukiwa's right to help the goverment undermine the public education system. He can do the remainder of his placements at charter or private schools.

Anonymous said...

Yes, @PM, he will have to do the remainder of his placements at schools which put kids and learning first. Hopefully he will become a better teacher for it. I wish him all the best.

The Veteran said...

PM ... you will note the 'lady' President of the PPTA admits the policy is discriminatory. What I find amusing is seeing those from the dark side of politics indulge in something they profess profess to abhor with a vengeance when it suits them. Remind me ... how many ways to spell hypocrite ... PPTA!

Cubit9F said...

Kelly Kahukiwa is exactly the type of person needed in teaching. His training, self discipline, experience and achievements as a RNZN CPO makes him an ideal teacher, mentor and leader of young people. Pity the slouches of the NZ PPTA executive can'take see beyond the end of their noses. But then most of them don'the actually teach.