Thursday, August 6, 2015

Of Melons, Morons and Maniacs

The Kiwiblog poll average currently has the Gnats on 46%. Labour on 32%, Greens on 12% and Winston First on 8%.   Perhaps this gives a clue as to why those two habitual Labour losers Twyford and Little embarked on their invasion of China a couple of weeks ago.   

Adolf wonders whether they were cleverly anticipating the imminent death of Winston Peters and making a pitch for NZ1st's foreigner hating members and votes.

The Labour Morons' big problem is the NZ1st Maniacs won’t go with the Morons if the Morons go with the Melons.  If they did, it would be a truly combustible coalition.  On current polling, Labour needs to steal at least half of the Maniac NZ1st vote which raises the question, where will they run to when Winston’s liver gives out?

Here’s my guess and it's not to Labour.

Of the eight percentage points held by the Maniacs, one will go nowhere, two will go to the Morons, two will go to ACT and three will go to the Gnats.  Thus the end result will be Gnats 49%, Act 3%, Greens 12%, Labour 34%, NZ1st 1%

So dear readers, you can see now why Twyford has become an organ donor.  I remarked earlier, his attack on Chinese home buyers was the biggest act of political flatulence since Clark went off to talk to Shrek.

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