Monday, August 17, 2015

New Zealand Is Trading Nation.

It is a long way from all its markets.

In world terms it is a minor force in world trade even 'Dairy' where NZ is only a larger than most off shore trader.

As a producer of anything it can sell it has an enviable reputation for quality and supply.

New Zealand is  a functioning Democracy. In the real world the current government is dominated by a Social Democratic Party.

Free trade deals almost without exception make trading more profitable in particular for primary producers.

A successful TPPA will bring incalculable benefits to every facet of our extremely challenged largely commodity based exports.

One only needs to peruse the list of those at the forefront of the opposition to an agreement that they know absolutely nothing about as to its final shape and effects. The rent a mob are either brain dead morons, academics with a secure sinecure and no need to get down and dirty to produce a single saleable product, or those who just as with the Flag oppose it just because it is being attempted by a National Government led by the Antichrist himself.

I do not recall any similar reaction when the Clark administration negotiated the China Freetrade agreement, or is it OK when the socialists do it and if it was say Megan Woods instead of Tim Grosser all would be well or would Kelsey and her moronic tribal followers all be as exercised as I would be surprised.

What level of opposition would exist should the Media promote some of the eye watering financial gains to be accumulated for the nation instead of harping on about a potential increase in subsidy provided to offset the so far non existent increase in pharmaceutical costs for Pharmac that the current government has given an undertaking to meet, or a nebulous theory of loss of sovereignty already under serious attack from  denials of entry , usurious tariffs and other constraints to trade.

The bottom line opposition rests entirely with a potential windfall that the hard left would love to deny the Key mob from ever delivering  because it would make their dreams of power a mirage even further from reach.


Anonymous said...

There is no point in hammering your point home in couple of paragraphs. The subject is so vast the average man in the street would not understand it. Suffice it to say the bloke with the biggest stick gets his own way, in this case the US. To understand what I mean you have to read the the decline and fall of the Roman empire which went from an innovative, wealth producing state into leaching off it's conquests and in doing so become an indebted nation but too big to go bust without bringing financial ruin and chaos to the world.

The biggest indebted nation in the world is the US. Be very careful to which horse you hitch your wagon.

gravedodger said...

It is OK though, for a bunch of smelly hippies to protest something that does not even exist.

The Us are currently one of the biggest impediments to free trade and they only became involved in the paused TPPA when it was well down the track.

I will always be eternally grateful for the efforts of the US forces in turning back the IJA and the IJN in the 1940s but in trade matters they are Neanderthals with a big larder and a 19th century philosophy,

The Hon Judith Collins made a very good speech on trade in the closing budget debate. Mr Key needs to either rethink her place in his administration or he will regret it at his leisure. The Pillok who replaced John Hayes as Wairarapa MP was appalling.