Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Midge Strikes Again.

The village is still missing its idiot.

The vertically challenged maestro, fresh from his mismanagement of legislation to make  entomology and oligochaeta farming significantly more dangerous than working with unsettled cattle many times the weight of the handler, in confined spaces, the small man with a massively over rated ego is now putting out smoke as a diversionary tactic. It comes in the form of a half baked equally bizarre scheme around commerce being conducted on days significant to a minority of the citizens who claim a religious connection that has in the past treated Friday and Sunday of Easter weekend  and Christmas Day as days that current chaotic rules treat differently in different places, around lawful trading

Taupo and Queenstown are open for business while Rotorua and Wanaka  both within an easy drive are closed for trading. A dairy and a gas station in 'closed' towns can sell their goods but a supermarket can not, people who wish to take the opportunity to do significant gardening works cannot purchase supplies from a garden centre on three days of no moment to a majority of the citizens
In a classic effort at fiddling while  "Rome" burns, he still maintains the historical religious beliefs are relevant, but proposes to transfer interpretation of   the National laws governing those three days to local bodies for future discretionary treatment. What a cop out that only succeeds to  make what is already a dogs breakfast regurgitated and consumed again, even more convoluted, confusing, totally unfair and too often unreasonable.

To suggest that the morning hours until noon of April 25th is in anyway a similar case is moronic in the extreme!
The days on the Christian religious calendar deemed sufficiently sacred to a diminishing minority, currently assessed by Statistics at 47%, most of whom become adherents only for those three days, while their enthusiastic attendance at  a house of worship is a complete  non event  for the other 362 days of the year.
Anzac Day is the day of great signifcance for  the whole nation where attending numbers that are  increasing year on year, pay homage and give thanks to those who fought, risked their lives and for some who died in their service, to ensure our nation, its freedoms and our heritage are enjoyed today. That makes it truly sacred to me.


Nookin said...

Your statement that Queenstown is open for business on Easter Sunday but Wanaka is closed is not altogether correct.

Prior to the Repeal Act, businesses were able to obtain exemptions and were therefore able to trade. The Shop Trading Hours Repeal Act preserved those exemptions. At that particular time, Pembroke Mall was halfway through construction. The first stage had been completed and was up and running. The second stage was underway but incomplete.

An exemption was granted for stage I.

As a result of the Repeal Act, half of Pembroke Mall has the benefit of an exemption and can trade. The other half, built after the legislation, must be closed.

It is somewhat difficult to explain that to tourists.


Noel said...

Some church leader claiming that Christmas was theirs on TV last night and everyone else had no right to change it. Given their dismissing numbers and relevance to the original reason perhaps it's time to revisit holidays and treat them for what they are for the majority of people. That would enable them to be spread better throughout the year.

ANZAC could be enhanced. Make it the one day in the year where everyone carries out an hour of community service in recognition of the higher sacrifices made.

Then off to the parade gumboots and all, without the political photo ops and patronising speeches to say thanks for allowing us the opportunity.