Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Meterial Turei

Danyll McLachlan has a fascinating post at Sim Post on the failings of the left.  Well worth a read,

A peceptive reader commented thus:-
"Interesting stalk horse for change in Green candidate selection and their work in the House & Media when elected.
Sounds like a call for a clean out and selection of some more pragmatic people with fine tuned antennae for the hoi polloi…… people who can’t be tarred with the bat shit crazy brush easily?
Has Mr Shaw identified the current crop in caucus are a liability to achieving a balance of power position and being able to work with either major party and actual use that to advance green issues from inside government?"

Which brings me to the subject of this post, Meteria Turei.

I have always felt she is a person who is co-leader of her party because of her gender and her race rather than any trace of ability or political acumen.   A glance at her Wiki page shows her political achievements over thirteen long years in office.  Here they are.

"In 2006, Turei's Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Amendment Bill was drawn from the member's ballot.[1] The bill received a conscience vote at its first reading, but was defeated 84–34.[2] Later that year, her Liquor Advertising (Television and Radio) Bill was also drawn, but it too was defeated.[3]"

"In July 2009 Turei's Marine Animals Protection Law Reform Bill, which would strengthen protection for dolphins and other marine mammals, was drawn from the member's ballot.[4][5] The bill was defeated at its first reading later that month.[6]"

"In October 2012 her Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act 2009 (Application to Casinos) Amendment bill was drawn from the ballot. Before its first reading however, National, ACT and United Future said they would not be voting for it."

Not exactly a stellar record of success.

And so it was that I was to comment also:-

Excellent piece Danyll. Thank you.
I suspect most people don’t take much notice of what politicians say but do take notice of what they do. In this respect, I suggest Meteria Turei is an enormous liability who will drag down her recently appointed co-leader who appears to be a sensible and promising fellow.
The subliminal message projected by Turei is the antithesis of everything I thought The Greens stood for. She projects an aura of stunning materialism and gluttony. I doubt she has ever been within a mile of a cycle way.
Image result for metiria turei

Rodney Hide was hounded out of the ACT Party for transgressing his perkbusta mantra.  Why on earth is a person who takes such pleasure in the privileges of capitalism allowed to stay at the helm of the Greens?

The Greens need to move a little to the centre and go into coalition with National, getting some policy concessions in the process and ending decades of political irrelevance.  What a wonderful way to pay back Labour for its years of insults and to leave Peters stumbling in the wilderness where he belongs.

Who else do they have?  Julie Ann Genter?


gravedodger said...

Caught Genter's budget speech this arvo she made Material look like a McGillycuddie Serious party member, hang about aint that the truth?

Genter didn't make a lot of sense, the usual anti; dairy, traffic, business success.

Anonymous said...

"Why on earth is a person who takes such pleasure in the privileges of capitalism allowed to stay at the helm of the Greens?"

Do I really need to educate you how the hard left work and have always worked? Moscow had special shops where the nice evil western trinkets could be bought and the elite could always get good food while telling the rank and file to shut the hell up or its the gulag for you. Teletubby looks like she has this principle well sussed.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Turei put the pork into pork barrel politics.

pdm said...

I don't know if this lady will enter the Parliamentary side of politics but if she decides to or allows herself to be persuaded to Nicola Patrick-Young fits the required pragmatic role perfectly I would think. Nicola was a keynote speaker on the first day of the Greens last conference - where Shaw was elected leader - and reportedly was very good.

Her parents are long time friends and mrspdm and I have known Nicola since she was about two years old. We will watch her progress with interest as unless she has changed markedly since we last saw her she will bring some sanity to the Greens.

Paulus said...

But Genter is far better looking than Miss Piggy - as Deputy not co - leader.
Appears that Shaw has ideas afoot to have only one Leader - Him -the new Green Messiah.
Bye Piggy.