Wednesday, August 26, 2015

League Legend Praises Labour Bimbo

'She's a pretty little thing' said Graham Lowe when asked if he could see the fish fryer as PM of NZ.

A frenzy of confected outrage erupted from all the Labour luvvies and feminazis the trash tabloid could find. 

Ignored was the fact Lowe said he could see her as PM one day.  What the hell was he supposed to do?  Tell lies like this:-

She has amazing talent.
Her vast real world experience fits her for the role.
A highly intelligent young lady.

What he should have said was:-

Jacinda  Ardern would make a far better Prime Minister than Catherine Delahunty.
Amazing dentures, second only to those of Helen Clark.
She doesn't have a moustashe.


gravedodger said...

How refreshing to have someone call it how he sees it.

Some retards suggest Ms 3.dontcare%, claim she is "eye candy", they really do need to go to Specsavers, hell I would wear a mouth guard sitting across a bar table from her stone cold sober and would drink Lime and Soda to ensure ongoing sobriety saw me through.
Glass bottom glasses and all!!!

Comparing her to a carpark puddle is insulting to potholes.

Another nominated leader candidate who cannot even win a seat, that bloody list eh!

Anonymous said...

First time I have read this blog in ages, and this is the standard that is produced. What a pack of sad little old men here, cringeworthy.


Jimmy said...

There's just something so classy and impressive about a couple of hideous, liver-spotted, bald old farts passing judgement in the most vicious terms on the looks of a young woman. It's more evidence of the intellectual and moral superiority of the right I guess.

Nookin said...

I think you may have dropped a pass on this one, guys. Looks are things we cannot do much about.

Psycho Milt said...

'She's a pretty little thing' said Graham Lowe when asked if he could see [Jacinda Adern] as PM of NZ.

And Lowe's an ugly fat fuck with an annoying voice. This is relevant to an assessment of his fitness for any job whatsoever how, exactly?

Ghost Of Greenwood said...

Dodger - Make sure that you haven't polished off most of the Sherry before you start posting in future. mmmmkay ?

Anonymous said...

The issue isn't what a rugby player said, he just paraphrased her supporters.

The relevant point is that the labour part and their supporters regard her as an asset as they think she is attractive, so describing her as a pretty little thing is apt, whether or not she is.

Else, she wouldn't be on their front bench having never done anything or contributed to society in any meaningful way.