Monday, August 3, 2015

Just Try It AT The Departure Gate?

The young recent arrival from Slovakia  was wanted by police in connection with three hold ups involving weapons, the dopy bastard called the police on dusk to say he wanted to see them in Meyers Park in Downtown Auckland. Unarmed Police attended and he threatened them including claiming  he was armed.
They retreated and were replaced with an AOS squad who it is alleged shot the dopy prick in  an outcome that has all the hallmarks of a suicide by cop.

Now he is dead and if it was two AOS members who granted his final wish they will incur some very troubled times and may in fact find they must leave the force.

There are numerous reports of people, often inebriated who make injudicious remarks as they pass through security at airports and the reactions there are swift and direct.

Media questions as to whether he was in fact armed are irrelevant, he issued a threat to shoot the police and that is the expected response for that sort of stupid.

I have zero sympathy for the perpetrator but unlimited sympathy and sorrow at what those police are facing both personal and professional.
Hows about the media consider how they might react if their lives were directly threatened, waiting  around for further evidence can cause a death for those not seeking it so it is not an option, If the dopy prick did not understand that then sorry mate but thems the breaks.

Sayonara Davy hope you enjoyed our country and didn't leave any outstanding debts.

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Noel said...

I'll let the IPCA do their job. Then comment. No armchair experts needed.