Sunday, August 9, 2015


a sub par performance by the ABs.    Guess that goes with the territory when you play SBW who thinks he's bigger than the game and prefers photo ops over putting in the hard yards.

a sub sub par performance by the Yarpies, beaten on their own turf by the Argies in arguably their greatest ever rugby victory.

a sub sub sub par performances by the Oz cricketers, humiliated by the Poms in losing the Ashes in a test which lasted less than seven sessions.   Michael Clarke has made the right decision to retire (before he was pushed).

a sub sub sub sub par performance by the 'Worryiers' smashed by the Dragons.   It's a team built on media hype over substance.   How come Simon Mannering and Nathan Friend are the only two players to give it all week after week?

a sub sub sub sub sub par performance by Labour to declare that the dairy industry was facing crisis.
Commodity prices, all commodity prices, are cyclical and good farmers understand that and plan accordingly.   On the plus side debt servicing costs are down and prices will bounce back over time.   My daughter and s-i-l farm beef in the Wairarapa and didn't moan when beef prices were depressed.   The last two seasons have been good.   Time for them to invest and/or reduce debt and smell the roses whose sent is sweet for now.

and big wraps to the Black Caps who gave me so much enjoyment in the limited over series vs the Zimbos just concluded.

time to get out of Dodge and indulge ourselves in Fiji.    Blogging is going to take a back seat until we return late August .... Ni Sa Moce.



Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Don't forget the Fiji Bitter and Kokonda. (Georgeous Fijian marinated fish salad.)

pdm said...

Vinaka Vaku Levu Vet - you and mrs vet have a good break.

I think you are a bit tough on SBW - he wasn't the worst AB last night, more a victim of the rest and rotation policy which is a proven way to sub standard performances. Carter and Retallick were two others who stood out as being short on game time and why Sam Whitelock isn't starting with Retallick is a mystery to me. Even the effervescent Aaron Smith seemed off the pace but that may be more because his forwards did not protect him.

As I said on GD's earlier post we must start the top XV at Eden Park on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post up until you tried to link politics and sport. Little is right and you are wrong

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Can't quite see how stating the obvious about cyclical commodity prices is 'linking politics with sport.' That's the preserve of the left. Springbok tour, remember?

Little is just looking for any band on which he can wag.

Anonymous said...

When it's six months it cyclical. When it's five years it's crisis. Boks bad, Aussies bad, Warriors bad, AB's bad, LABOUR BAD, WTF.

The Veteran said...

Anon ... clearly you have little idea about farming and Labour never had. I didn't hear Little bang on when beef prices were low and now he (and Peters) are preaching doom and gloom re dairying. Yep, some farmers will be doing it hard but 'we' are a resilient lot. Commodity pricing down turns comes with the territory along with drought, flood and snow and exacerbated by the refusal by Labour, Winston First, Greens and the Maori Party to countenance reform of the RMA. That's one positive thing they could do to help out the dairy industry and everyone else but they won't because they are wedded to a big brother knows best ideology.

Meanwhile beef, sheep, horticulture, aquaculture and the wine industry are booming. We are more diversified than ever. We will pull through with no thanks to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Why do you assume that anybody who disagrees with you and tries to balance the inherent slant in your contribution is automatically "one of them".

As for little's crisis statement. What part of the words GLOBAL MARKET are you having difficulty with.