Monday, August 3, 2015

Is There A difference, Really?


As the fires are dampened and the dust settles, one aspect seems to have emerged from the appearance of Serco before the court of public opinion.

An alleged immorality  charge of incarceration being provided for profit.

Now if that is wrong and lets be clear I have no acceptance that such a system is wrong, one serious problem remains unresolved in my mind.

What is there about one party,  Serco,  providing a service that will in all probability end with a bottom line profit at years end through their running the business efficiently, while a government department making just as many or more cockups, delivering equally serious assaults and beatings,  permitting similar entry for contraband to a facility, resorting to serious extra punishments with lock downs and denial of "rights", with social profits ending in the pockets of staff who seem to be required to be in greater numbers and  prone to breaking the laws around "assisting" their "clients".

Just as the socialists with human resources available for electioneering from employing union manpower that a supposedly capitalist supporter of a center right party might prefer to provide via a donation of cash to pay foot soldiers, yet the cash must be under a specified limit while the diverted union muscle is never costed or accounted for in election financial returns.

Those who understand that  a private company operates with accountability and efficiency as drivers while the state run model just accepts over-runs and inefficiency as completely normal will understand what I am trying to argue while those who would just hand everything to the Government  to operate while descending into real poverty of money, spirit, food and self respect see no evil.

Profit and reward come in many guises, that is why some volunteer their time and effort for no recompense but far too many can never grasp such subtlety even when it smacks them in broad daylight. I was astounded when people at sites I attended as an Ambo were so sure we were paid, hell we were all too often out of pocket.


Noel said...

You don't get do you?

It's not about public or private. It about duty of care in a remand prison.
Sure many will go on to conviction but also there will be others who don't.

"The prison is a complex place" isn't a sufficient copout.

Bear that in mind when a relative shoves a fellow pub patron and he falls on a protrusion.

gravedodger said...

Typing slowly Noel, many of the placards among the paltry few on show decried "Prisons for profit".
I totally understand your fixation for such dribble as you clearly have never had to make a task succeed within a fixed financial parameter, more money needed just get it from rates, taxes, levies or some other utopian money supply and your enterprise will continue until you run out of other people's money.

Your besty Len is not far from that point but in his deluded socialist mindset it will never become a problem, not for him anyway.

Noel said...

Like I said you don't get it.
I don't give a damn who runs the prisons.