Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Inexplicable but then also unsurprising. Updated

 While Parliament was annoying swmbo yesterday my interest was alerted when David Seymour requested leave of the house to present a bill that would enable bars to remain open for the duration of the RWC, half a day and contemporaneously half a world away later this year.

Was there any objection, hell yes from the bunch of perennial losers and posers who would only wonder why the rugby ball is that shape and so much larger than their logic might dictate it need be.

Good old greens, they just love to remind us all, who from  childhood declined broccoli, cabbage,  silver beet, brussel sprouts, asparagus,  broad beans  and every  vegetable other than peas that went to make up a healthy diet, yesterday made another dopy move to alienate almost every citizen of the nation.
Particularly those who believe that an unintended consequence of draconian wowser promoted social engineering  proscribes the opportunity for rugby fans to gather at bars to enjoy what for a majority of us see as an inalienable human right.
For those who find maypole dancing, morris dancing, and pointless protesting success by others as a pinnacle of athletic achievement, it is easy to understand how such dropkicks could misread public opinion.
However to plunge into the abyss of stupidity just because the ACT MP made the move will do little to alter the thinking of any other than the committed Marxists and those who find their legitimate concern for things green trampled again by the jackboots wearers who know best already included in their glass ceiling at 10%.

Prior to question time today someone must have bashed some coconuts together as his introduction "take 2" was granted without opposition.


Paulus said...

But 12% of the voters put a tick for them at the last General Election and with the new Messiah dropping Miss Piggy he will proceed to get all the publicity he can.
And a similar percentage will do it again - RWC - who cares - it does not include the relationship with Gaia.
Green Taliban purity is all that matters - sod the rest of you !

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

The Melons belatedly realised they had stepped into a big pile of dog shit and are trying to make out somehow it is they who are responsible for now seeing it through.

The Morons don't know what to think. (They never do.)

Meanwhile John Key picks up all the credit. (Doncha just love politics?)

An excellent move by ACT. I hope they get a lift in the polls as a result.