Tuesday, August 4, 2015

If the Prosecution get that Wrong?

What else don't they understand.

Image result for billhook

That is a Billhook in NZ speak normally referred to as a "slasher"

This is a sickle

Image of farm sickle.

The Billhook is used as a light axe to cut scrub whereas a sickle is used to gather stems of standing grain crops or Grass then cuts the Bunch for drying on the remaining stubble.

In a fight I would choose a Billhook


Tinman said...

The top one was never called a "billhook" when I was swinging one on the hillsides of Eastern Christchurch as a young fellow.

Not exactly call a "slasher" either, more a "F@#$^*! slasher".

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Don't know about you Cantabrians but where I come from they were and are known as 'slash hooks.' Then there is the 'straight hook' which has a slash hook-like blade but is straigt and about ten inches long. The straight hook was ideal for clearing manuka up to three or four inches in diameter. Anything bigger and you'd best use an axe.

Anonymous said...

I would use a gun.

pdm said...

They were slashers in Central Hawkes Bay when I was a lad. I had one at home for years and sold it in a garage sale about 10/12 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I need a billhook for gardening but can't find anything decent - what you see in retailers is thin and doesn't hold its edge. Do I need to get one made by a blacksmith?


gravedodger said...

@ anon don't know where you are but here in Canterbury any second hand dealer will have a selection or try trademe.