Sunday, August 2, 2015


Labour's unashamed plagiarizing of extracts from various publications in their latest policy apology but really, everything that needs to be said has already been said ... except perhaps for one thing.   Hanging the junior member of the policy team (Clare Curran) out to dry over the debacle is the cowards way out.  

The buck stops with Roberstson who clearly prefers sound bite one- liners as he ramps ups support for his challenge to hapless Andy (now behind WRP in the Prime Ministerial fashion stakes) over the hard yards in ensuring that Party policy is presented in a coherent and credible fashion.

So I won't talk about that.

Rather I thought I would post some 'little' known facts about Jeremy Corbyn, on track to become leader of the UK Labour Party in what many might view as a gigantic leap to the left and 60 years back in time.    Right now Corbyn is leading the race having received the backing of 152 constituency parties with his leading challenger (Andy Burnham) well back on 111.    In addition he has the backing of the UK's two largest trade unions, Unison (equivalent of our Public Service Association) and Unite.  

Corbyn is 66, a veteran left winger, he has never held public office and is Labour's most rebellious MP having voted against the party whip over 500 times.    He is a vice-chair of the Campaign of Nuclear Disarmament, a columnist for the Communist Morning Star newspaper, wants to nationalise the banks, opposes foreign interventions in wars, proposes to scrap Britain's nuclear weapons programme and get rid of tuition fees in England.    All this on an anti-austerity platform designed to protect public services while increasing taxes on 'rich pricks'.

He does not own a car and is a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Cycling.    Corbyn is reported as liking to make jam from fruit grown on his allotment, belongs to the All Party Parliamentary Group for Cheese and is a borderline train-spotter.  He has been named 'Parliamentary Beard of the Year' a record five times.

In all a perfect record for someone wanting to be the leader of the UK Labour Party.

Others might opine him as Labour's equivalent to Donald Trump ... a guaranteed loser who would split their respective parties.

One thing for certain.   Cheering Corbyn on is the Conservative Party.   Cheering him on even more will be the Liberal Party, decimated in the last election.     They are likely to be a major beneficiary from his win and inevitable defeat.


The Veteran said...

and I forgot to add .... Corbyn is true to his beliefs (sort of). Despite having attended a Grammar School (Adams' Grammar School, Newport) he divorced his wife because she wanted to their children to have a Grammar School education over that offered by the Comprehensive School system. Said ...."I feel very strongly about comprehensive education".

I see too that he is backed by such luminaries as (Red) Ken Livingston, ex Labour Mayor of London and George Galloway who left Labour to found the Respect Party and who said that he would rejoin Labour if Corbyn was elected. With friends like those he doesn't need too many enemies.

Anonymous said...

You missed the good bits like renationalising the railways which even the some conservatives now agree with. The countries to small to have 7 railway companies and the big losers have been the public with the highest fares in the world.

Raising the minimum wage to a liveable level.
Raising the tax threshold on the very wealthy to 50%.
Introducing rental controls to stabilise a runaway housing market which is falling into the hands of overseas rental companies mainly Russian and Chinese.
That is enough to attract the attention of a public disillusioned with "recovery" which seems only to be working for the rich. Just like here.
But the mantra goes on LABOUR BAD, NATIONAL GOOD.

The Veteran said...

Anon ... whatever pulls your chain old son. If you really believe that Labour, Corbyn led, can capture the middle ground where elections are won and lost then more fool you. Those that fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them ... Michael Foot whose profile and policies were very similar to that of Corbyn led Labour through the 1983 general election when the party gained the lowest share of the vote at any general election since 1918 and the fewest parliamentary seats it had at any time since before 1945.

The Conservatives and the Liberals won't believe their luck. The moderates in the Labour Party appear to be beside themselves ... train wreck coming. Oh dear, how sad, never mind.

Anonymous said...

I did not say good or bad or even who I would support. All I tried to do is suggest that you forget to mention some of the his policies that are widely supported and will have a big impact on bye elections. As I said LABOUR ALL BAD, NATIONAL ALL GOOD.

The Veteran said...

errrrrrrrrrrrrrr ... wtf has National got to do with UK politics? As for Corbyn's policies having wide support please authenticate. I hardly think having the Communist Morning Star newspaper giving them editorial support constitutes that. I agree the policies will will have a big impact on by-elections ... all negative.

Anonymous said...

Try this.