Saturday, August 1, 2015

I Was Disappointed Too.

The ARU is disappointed that SANZAR is appealing Hooper's "Claytons" Ban that was to be served by not playing in a club game of his Manly Club that he never was going to play in anyway.

Personally I thought bringing the Charge was a total nonsense any way,  Hooper was being held back by the Argy and really only removed an impediment the only way the laws allow, was Hooper supposed to send a request in writing giving notice?

Such nonsense is a blight on the game just as Cody Taylors very rewarding holding of Habana in the 78th minute  that resulted in his brainfart and extended the winning margin to 7 points.

I thought the shoulder and shifting his line that Foley fruitlessly employed in his failed attempt to prevent Naholo's superb  try in the Semifinal of the Super Rugby playoffs that no one seemed to notice, was a much more serious  infraction of the rules and more importantly the spirit of the game.

Don't we want to beat the full  strength Wallaby team to retain the Bledisloe.

While on matters Rugby, has the whining ceased yet on Lord McCaw's try. Yes a frame by frame 'slomo'  might have revealed a millisecond of timing infraction but why not regard it as a superb try and to catch the Bloody Boks Napping just made it sweeter. How often is there a man in front at kickoffs anyway, just asking.

Rugby is flirting with the nonsense that includes Football's diving for penalties and The ARL's pathetic moves to sideline Kiwi players in some very loaded judicial moves in the leadup to Internationals while standing well back with arms folded when it comes to State of Origin.

The Gin swilling old farts are not confined to Twickers, such stuffed shirts are alive and active half a world away. Do the administrators think the fans don't see the inanity and irrelevance  of so much of their posturing.

My biggest disappointment is that there is no match of moment tonight.
Pity it is so far to go to see the STAC Vs College game at St Andrews this afternoon, now that is a match of some moment.

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