Thursday, August 6, 2015

Hiroshima Day

Little Boy was the name given to the atom bomb detonated some 1,500 feet over Hiroshima, seventy years ago today.

Little boy.jpg

America hating Peaceniks the world over will wring their hands and declare how evil the Americans were to deploy this weapon.  They never tell you the other side of the story.

The Allies' war planners calculated that a conventional assault on mainland Japan would inflict some three million casualties, including brainwashed Japanese civilians taking their own lives.  (They had seen the phenomenon on Okinawa where civilians killed themselves as American troops advanced.)

On the other hand, the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagaski killed roughly 140,000 people - including those who died later from  radiation poisoning.

War is a dirty, nasty, violent and deplorable business which often requires decisions between two evil courses of action.   There can be no doubt the bombing of Hiroshima was evil.  Just as the rape of Nanking was evil and just as an invasion of Japan would have been a twenty times greater evil.

It is interesting to wonder how many 64 to 68 year old people living in Australia, NZ, USA and UK owe their very existance on earth to Captain Tibbets and his Enola Gay and Little Boy, without whom
their fathers might have perished rather than returned to raise families.

Adolf's father was serving with the RNZAF in the pacific when the bomb was dropped.


Ray said...

Count me in, 75 Sqdn (NZ) was training to join with the U.S. to bomb Japan asTiger force when the good news came through

Anonymous said...

In the book "Hurricanes Over Singapore" Sgt Jim MacIntosh relates how he, while imprisoned in Nagasaki, was sitting with other POW's and the Jap guards on the roof of the air raid shelter following an alert. They saw the B29 drop the second bomb and the blokes were watching when it went off. Their vision did return and shortly after that the Jap commander declared the war over and everyone friends. Lots of POW's claimed the bombs saved their lives and it certainly saved hundreds of thousands of Japanese lives. Maybe this lesser evil is the price that people pay for butchering their way across SE Asia - the Allies certainly treated the Japs better post surrender than they needed to but that was the style of the moral west that progressives hate so much.


gravedodger said...

Aint that the truth, but it is nauseating how the war was rapidly ended with what appears as an horrific act when the truth was that an invasion of the four home islands would have cost unimaginable millions more dead maimed and suicides.
All the luvvies who suggest that the Imperial Japanese forces were about to concede are just acting with 20/20 hindsight there were plenty who would have never surrendered and when the Emperor forced it, many of the military leaders took their own lives, an indication of the fanaticism that drove them.

Okinawa 600 Kms to the south of the home islands and inhabited by the Ryukyu people who although under Japanese rule had a different language and culture saw almost 200 thousand dead and many many more wounded as the biggest battle and as it turned out, last of the Pacific War, unfolded.

War is a total bitch and dropping those bombs, a decision that was about as grave and confronting as any made by a commander in chief, Trueman, was in any military concept a fair, just and ultimately successful move, as any other option was a total no brainer.

Until total defeat was gained it would have ended badly. just read how not smashing Saddam in the liberation of Kuwait became a military and political failure however well intentioned mercy might be desired.

The chatterati cant even get the facts about the number of bombs right. Hiroshima was bomb number two and Nagasaki was three. The first was exploded in a tower in the New Mexico Desert and its concussion was widely felt as an earthquake across the south west of the US

Yes it was drastic, deadly and in the rear view mirror, a truly awful event but until anyone who wishes to comment on the morality of it's deployment has read about the rape of Nanking, the Burma Railway, The Bataan death march, the Kokoda trail, the treatment of POWs and civilians captured, the battles of the Pacific including the kamikazes, the sneak attack on Pearl without a declaration of war, and how dam close run so many of the subsequent battles were, they should just shut T F Up.

Christ on a moped who knew what of the subsequently discovered technological giant leaps of the dying efforts of Herr Schiklegruber's mob had been passed to the Japanese, I am aware that their Jet Plane Technology was exported east, the Krauts had the very best of rocket technology of the time and who knew how far down the nuclear track they were, either Kraut by then defeated or Nippon still fighting with unimaginable ferocity.

Thank every thing I hold dear it was Trueman in the hot seat with his memorable "the buck stops here" reminder on his desk. I sometimes muse how it would have unfolded had FDR not had his appointment with his maker confirmed at Warm Springs, leaving him still to ponder the haberdasher from Missouri's big decision.
Roosevelt had virtually excluded his compromise VP from all decisions and Trueman only learnt of The Manhattan Project after The Presidents death. On making an approach to the widow Eleanor after Franklins death, Trueman inquired if there was anything he could do to help her, Eleanor replied it was Trueman who needed every bit of help available.