Saturday, August 22, 2015

Herald Sees The Joke

Ya gotta larf.

Tucked away at the bottom of a Labour Trash Tabloid advertorial for Andrew Little is this gem of pure comedy gold.

"When asked if he'd consider allowing New Zealand First leader Winston Peters to serve as prime minister in a Labour-led government, even for just part of a term, Mr Little said it was too far away from the next election to discuss coalition agreements."

Speaking of advertorials, how much Auckland ratepayers' money is being siphoned off to the Herald to pay for the recent torrent of misinformation and propaganda about 'livable Auckland?'

It must be quite a bit because according to Roy Morgan the herald has alienated 51% of its potential market so it sure as hell needs a new revenue stream.

Now they are going to put in an online paywall.   That must be the brainiest piece of marketing ever.  None of the 50.5% will pay to read the rabid junk these people publish.

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