Sunday, August 2, 2015

He Did What?

While our cuzzies wrestle with a massively divisive beat up over a footy player who revels in embracing his aboriginal origins,  Stuff makes a play to out Goodes Goodes with a headline " Key reduces a schoolgirl to tears" then continues to claim the girl will be unable to go to school "she is so upset".

Adam Goodes is a footy player with serious talent and just as Lord McCaw attracts some who hate him with a feral intensity because he is so very good, Adam attracts similar negativity from opposing fans.
Things escalated a couple of years ago when the Sydney Swans star heard a fan call him "ape". We all know how sometimes in a barrage of noise things go quiet and a single voice fills the space, it happened for us at Lancaster Park when swmbo suggested to touch runner Andrei Watson "he might consider looking at the big screen replay" after a faux pa one night and Andrei waited a full second before turning as if to ask 'who said that'.
I digress, Adam's current mess has its origins in that game May 2013, when he went to the barrier, identified the child and had security remove her, an innocent and confused 13 year old who had absolutely no clue as to what she had done wrong. In her world it was quite regular to suggest someone who she considered to be a retard to be labelled an Ape with no racial intent.
 Now any fan who dares to take issue with the subsequently created Australian of The Year, by booing him,  is an unrepentant racist when the truth is many fans just do not like him and his concept of how the great game (for Australians) should be played.  The fact Goodes is an aboriginal has no connection and it should be noted that there are very many of similar racial background in all Australian sport where a professional contract creates a wonderful opportunity  to become rich proud and successful and they do not get booed.  An arrogant  tennis player from Aus with some alternative  foreign blood who made a total arse of himself at Wimbledon was universally condemned  but I am unaware of any of those who took issue with that example of "an ugly Aussie" were racially motivated they were just appalled at his obnoxious behaviour.

The booing however, has got to Goodes to the point where he took time out this weekend when his team had a home game against the Adelaide Crows, the team that recently suffered the trauma of having their coach murdered by his semi estranged son. Now for many, that fact was of far greater moment than some publicity seeking albeit talented precious flower with his misreading of his fans and those of his opponents but every dog has its day and the Goodes factor has every one with an opinion offering it  and the media have their current 'berley in the water'.

Clearly the conniptions across the ditch have inspired some nonentity posing as a reporter here to suggest a school girl who, during an encounter with the Prime Minister, suggested that with what she saw as a successful Maori language week, it should be extended to a month.   Key retorted "um I don't think so it could be seen by many as too boring".
Now having watched the Parliament last week I have considerable sympathy and understanding for what led the PM to that retort.
Speaker Carter has spent interminable minutes invoking the parliamentary prayer in te reo, excruciating is being kind, then add in all the pathetic attempts for nearly all speakers to advance their appalling abilities in using the language that a miniscule number would ever understand as a leadin to their already appalling contributions, plus Marama Fox asking a supplementary question in the language of some of her ancestors that had to be repeated because the Minister had not got the earpiece that carried the translation deployed, and it is no great mystery where Key was coming from.
The school girl who has chosen or more likely been encouraged to her response, needs to seek some interpretation of what the PM said and the context as to what delivered it.  It certainly was nowhere near such trauma as the small minded repeater suggested.

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