Monday, August 31, 2015

Glorious Advances from Embracing Cultural Diversity.

What delights to follow.

India a  country with centuries of rich history struggles to come to terms with modern societal mores while impeded by a caste system that runs interference to much that a democracy promises.

A nation with several religious systems many firmly atatched to centuries old traditions and feudal laws totally at odds with those which have evolved in the often envied western judeo christian ethos.

Of course Islam is much publicised in its barbaric sharia laws that are little changed fifteen hundred years from its founding by a paedophile murderous leader now held as the basis for every captive adherent but in this world they are not alone.

Other forces at play in the worlds largest democracy, religious and cultural, hold  the people of India in a bondage that beggars belief, that can even equal the depraved outcomes that Sharia delivers such as tossing blindfolded gays to their death many floors down, hacking limbs off miscreants, stoning rape victims to death for allowing themselves to be raped, among them.

Emerging news from some benighted place in India has an unfolding drama that also sickens.
A woman  of a higher caste, disatisfied with her marital lot falls in love with a younger man of a lower caste and they elope. Christ on a bike it happens here in little old NZ and such infidelity passes almost un-noticed until the new patriarch decides the spawn of the previous lord and master are a threat to his manhood and another child ends up on a mortuary slab after many thousands of health dollars are torched in a doomed effort to salvage the life of the innocent little mite at Starship.
Not that simple in this longdrop village in the Sub Continent where the elopement must be punished by "The Village Elders" who in their infinite wisdom include the eloping mans sisters in culpability.
They are sentenced to be raped, publically humiliated, paraded through the village with blackened faces and of course then be thrown on the refuse heap as unmarriageable now valueless chattels.

Jesus wept, who would be the administering official for the raping, would he be just doing his duty or would he be allowed to take a miniscule smidgeon of pleasure  as the judicial delivery boy. The sordid details so far published do not state any numbers of punishments to be delivered, do all the elders who are capable, get to do their bit to ensure justice and respect for local law is maintained.

While we, in an enlightened and supposedly humane administering of justice, have dangerous bastards able to easily circumvent electronic monitoring as a less custodial method of punishment,  allowed to roam free with little ensuring of protection and assured safety for the law abiding, this depraved extraordinarily savage punishment is dished out by citizens of a fellow member of the UN and the Commonwealth to people no more connected to a crime of no advantage to themselves than  they were someone's  bloody next of kin, Nick Smith, John Tamihere, Carmel Sepuloni you don't know how lucky you are.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it goes to show that enlightenment and liberalism are a vague veneer of respectability on the savagery of unchecked human nature.

Human nature has never changed - a natural bent to do evil.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Nailed it, Jimmie.

JC said...

Yes well.. a month or two back Eleanor Catton was just up the road at Jaipur telling Indians what a bunch of ignorant misogynists NZ men were

I wonder if the sentencing judge had read her book.


gravedodger said...

Don't think it was a judge JC, just a Neanderthal bunch of very bad bastards in the form of a "Village Council"