Monday, August 10, 2015


Caught some of the doco on TV Two last night on the unnecessarily controversial religious community formed at Springbank west of Rangiora in the latter half of the 21st century and relocated to Lake Haupiri under the alps in Westland in the last decade.

A few observations:

They are very different and it is easy to see how many find their ways so challenging.

There were no overt displays of wealth for the leadership, no Beach house, no Expensive Motorbikes, no, evidence of coercion, no guards or thugs ensuring obedience and no walls or fences.
Yes a very patriarchal, and vastly differing cultural approach to community life but somewhat cleaner, tidier, safer, orderly and even uplifting than  what the Media portray as how thing go down in Porirua, Otara,  Flaxmere, Fendalton or Ponsonby

The flock appeared to be at ease with their lot and the way the death of the elder and the births were portrayed, gave a very natural holistic application of their faith.

Certainly nothing about what was revealed has any resonance for me in what I regard as freedom, independent thought and what I seek to enjoy from life, but then my views do not sit well with most socialists either.

The use of the countries health service was no more or less than  the seemingly endless indulgence we endow our PI peoples and every tourist who visits with, the community appeared to do their very best to deal with the feverish child before seeking the services of Grey Hospitals albeit rather basic paediatric offering.

Yes the names of the children as revealed in a sort of roll call at programs end did have a jarring if not surreal look about it but when one follows the latest atrocity where another toddler becomes brain damaged while in the care of a step father, only different in the to me  in the incongruity of trying to be demonstrably different.

No weapons, no drugs, no crime, no dogs, simple uniform attire, and apparently on the evidence an almost utopian existence of a cooperative community working for each other

Yes the convicted sex offender and founder, Neville Cooper now known as 'Hopeful Christian" was still present although they continue to portray that he is sort of  founder only and somewhat removed from the power brokers, his oration at  Steady's interment was a bit strange while not forgetting he did serve his time in our justice system for his lapse.

There was a suggestion from the young person fronting that they do not take welfare for unemployment  would like that perhaps investigated but is it any of my business anyway.

Perhaps the most glaring revelation for me was the apparent very limited area for the burials. With the massive numbers of children they are producing there must either be a degree of doubling up intended or the lesser mortals will be burnt or turned into fertilizer, however that would sort of interfere with old Hopeful's rambling  claims of a resurrection when they are all born again to head off somewhere else.

Now perhaps for a similar expose for the Ratana church,  Destiny church,  a couple of Mosques, The Headhunters, Black power, the Mongrel Mob and even the Free Masons.

A "making of the Documentary"  as a follow up could be worthwhile as on what I observed last night those who would turn Gloriavale into our very own Waco, might be better to find another windmill to tilt at.

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