Monday, August 24, 2015

Gilbert and Sullivan live on in our hearts.

Well those of us old enough to remember such classics as "I am the very model of a modern major general", " he is such a very bad lot",  and many other lines that entered our language.

Back in the day, before TV entered our lives with its suffocating effect of subduing the creative side of the citizenry to entertain themselves, there was in the real world of the peasants, Operetta for entertainment. At the forefront for English speaking peoples much of it came from Gilbert and Sullivan.

Light easy listening music created by Gilbert and lyrics from the pen of Arthur Sullivan.
Words that had buried amidst them much social commentary and satire.

All classes of the Victorian era enjoyed what the duo produced under the watchful eye and the commercial nous of Richard D'Oyly Carte. In my youth many of the 14 comedic operetta became  the focus of a schools dramatic efforts in an annual focus for the parents as proof of excellence.

Last Friday the subplot for a modern such expose' of comic theatre was revealed when King Twoheaters, from his Huntley "palace", issued a claim for the entire City of Sails only to have his opening with an Ace smashed when Rankin a so called leader of Nga Puhi played what he thought was a trump card.
King Twoheater has a realm that stretches from his back fence to his letterbox and is the current manifestation of a joke early Tainui leaders presented as their counter to Queen Victoria in the beginnings of civilised settlement of our nation.

Now would be a great time for our government to put the ongoing nonsense around The Treaty that should have been consigned to File Thirteen well over a hundred years ago to its long overdue resting place in a glass cabinet in Te Papa.
How many other bits of signed paper that were placed on the record as part of a face saving exercise in bringing a peaceful end to what at that time seemed to be intractable problems, are still given such credence?

The 'King', as I understand it has no legal ability in law to bring his claim to the table. Such nonsensical utterings though, provide fertile ground to create an aura of mayhem in the minds of many. For some, opportunity to make  Koha, and another larger body of people who only see more Taxpayer dosh flushed in paying for the ongoing bad dream.

A truck driver swapping his drivers seat for a "throne',
A wayward second son in court using a possible impediment to his right of succession as mitigation,
Mr Paki being crowned as King Tuheitia, when Paki was comic enough,
Quadrupling the cost of his "Court " from the $250 000 of his late Mum, to a nice round Million,
His posing as "royalty" when the real world  says otherwise,
David Rankin of Nga Puhi openly rubbishing such pretentions,
Mischievous stirrers suggesting the "king" be the governor general,
As a contrast with a penchant for earlier "Monarchs" with "real" thrones to be educated this one has no ability in Te Reo, his English aint that flash either,
Attending equally comic pseudo celebrations in Island Realms as a modern "Poo bah".

Each and all providing such a rich resource for an aspiring creative writer except the public that might support such creativity are reaching the level of disbelief that cynics reached years ago, telling them that some emperors indeed have very suspect raiment.

How long before a truly aspirational leader emerges to place the nonsense in its rightful place in history?

Oh joy, oh rapture unforeseen,
The clouded sky is now serene,
The god of day ? the orb of love,
Has hung his ensign high above,
The sky is all ablaze.
With wooing words and loving song
We'll/They'll chase the lagging hours along,
And if I/he find(s) the maiden coy,
We'll murmur forth decorous joy
In dreamy roundelays


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