Thursday, August 13, 2015

Did She Pay In Advance?

It takes a very special brand of fuckwittery for an outfit which calls itself a 'house of medicine' to be unaware that a patient has been dead for fifteen hours.

"Te Whare Rongoa-House of Medicine in Kaitaia,...........Wairarapa woman Teodora Palmieri-Chuck, 45, was found dead at Te Whare Rongoa " House of Medicine" in Kaitaia on June 29, 2013. She had paid $6500 plus GST for ibogaine treatment, an unapproved but legal experimental drug used in this instance to treat her opiate drug addiction."

These are the sorts of joints which thrive on predation upon the ignorant.

And yes,  it appears she did pay in advance.   The family should send a delegation of heavies to negotiate on behalf of the cadaver.

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