Saturday, August 22, 2015

Curiouser and Curiouser!

Except it is not Alice, it is not wonderland, there is no walrus and it is happening right now.

In the aftermath of the last Australian federal election, the clear winner Tony Abbott and his Liberal National coalition set up a Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption, nominating a retired Federal Judge John Dyson Heyden AC QC as the Commissioner.
Only a blind man with a broken stick, a deeply profound hearing loss and no ability to read braile would be unaware that Trade Union corruption and fraudulent activity does exist at all levels of labor politics, work and commerce across The Lucky Country.

Now Australian politics at all levels has a much greater involvement and indeed dominating role from a Union movement that although  diminished and  less relevant along with much of the western world due in large part from an educated and knowledgeable public, still holds Labor in a vice like grip, pun intended

Some of the motivation for Abbott's action was to investigate the serious involvement in Union manipulation of The Labor Party at state and federal level but there was in addition, a raft of serious financial irregularities across almost all union  activity. In the beginnings of trade unionism where the workers at a work sight banded together to represent their members in pay and conditions, it made remarkable and much needed reform. In 2015 that need is much diuted and workers, better informed and with many more options including a liberating mobility has led to the bully boys seeking other fields of endeavour. Unfortunately that has morphed into fraud, misuse of power and corruption in the Union funds and where they are directed. One ex union official, Kathy Jackson who first hit the Aussie headlines as a whistle blower that saw Michael Williamson off to the 'Big House' for an all expenses holiday, she herself has been exposed as a thief and last week a court ordered her to repay over one million dollars to the HSU.
Google; Craig Thompson, Bruce Wilson, Kathy Jackson, Cesar Melhem, Fihi Kivalu, Brian Parker, Michael Williamson,  any or all and that is a very short list off the top of my head. Then there is Bob Kernohan,  bashed to within centimeters of his life for refusing to shut his gob when he decided there was just too much financial corruption involving union funds and declined a safe federal Labor seat as reward for his silence he refused to deliver.

With the joined at the hip relationship between AUS Unions and AUS Labor no sane person with more than  ten brain cells would deny that there was an anti union undercurrent in Abbotts appointing the Heydon Commission and it is ludicrous to suggest that the Labor party would ever want its power base turned over by appointing such an inquiry.
However after months of hearings where several Trade Union officials have already been arrested and are facing court action based on evidence produced to Heydon's R C, including ex NZ league international John Lomax.
All while the Federal opposition leader Bill Shorten is facing an ever growing steaming pile of damaging evidence including from his own mouth,  facing another appearance at the RC, the calls from the socialists to get the whole shebang shut down are hopefully going to end in Heydon standing firm.

It is  the daft bloody Liberal nonce who caused this who should be the one to be pushed under a bus.
The whole demolition attempt is based on an invitation for Heydon to address a liberal lawyers memorial lecture in honour of Sir Garfield Barwick, the longest serving Federal Supreme  Court Chief Justice and ex Liberal MP and Attorney General, only to find later there was a fund raising component, that had  Heydon correctly decline to attend.
So because Heydon was at one time intending to attend an annual dinner honouring an outstanding judicial identity and make the keynote speech, later cancelled, is grounds for his recusing himself for implied bias.

Todays Commission substantive hearing has been suspended while the ACTU and other union lawyers are making a concerted effort to fulfil the union wish to have the commission dissolved to prevent further damaging evidence being exposed. They are also sowing the seeds for an implied bias should Heydon carry on and more union crooks are indicted, to allow appeal and legal challenge of his findings.

Once appointed there are only three ways such an autonomous judicial entity can be ended and they do not include dismissal as many of the luvvies and the crooked union people still evading prosecution are stridently calling for.
Dyson Heydon can stand down, the Governor  General could withdraw the warrant or poor old John dies.
This is in fact a profound, substantial and in many ways monumental attack on the independence of such fact finding process. Just attacking the hearings as the terrified union officials and their political allies are in fact doing, is seen by many as  de facto contempt of court.

With the eye watering amounts of money being bandied about, the apparent belief that unionists are somehow exempt from the laws that rule the mores and behaviours that control mere mortals and the innate belief that there is no requirement for unions to be held to account ever, I consider it is imperative that Dyson Heydon  finish the commissions work.


Anonymous said...
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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Trolls are not welcome.

Howie said...

Hilarious to see you having a tanty over Abbott's politically-motivated, taxpayer funded attack on his opponents coming apart at the seams, while his popularity sinks like a stone. Can the tragic loser get anything right? Appointed a liberal stooge to run his political show trial? What a retard. Fabulous stuff.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And what a great show it is turning out to be, Howie.

No wonder your scurvey mates are desperate to to stop it.

Bribery, corruption, theft and stand over tactics on a grand scale.

Trouble is, it won't work.

Ordinary Australians are being given a first hand glimpse of your people at work. They make the mafia look like boy scouts.

Howie said...

Ordinary Australians realise that Abbott appointed a stooge of his in order to predetermine the outcome of the commission for political reasons. Any findings are now ruinously tainted. It's so wonderfully incompetent it makes you think Abbott is some sort of left-wing sleeper agent. You must be dying inside, losers.

gravedodger said...

One thing is certain as Heydon retires to deliver his decision as to his future as The Commissioner, being widely reported in almost all media outlets across the country has made things more obvious to the public. A great bit of publicity promotion in fact.
Many more people are being acquainted with something that many journalist members of their union are now giving the whole thing oxygen that prior to this recent concerted effort to end the hearings was being ignored as much as possible.

Btw Howie by signing off your latest spew with 'losers', does that indicate you are in fact a group or was that a Freudian slip, you are in truth a split personality. Not that it matters, the degree of 'dumb' is adequately revealed.

As for suggesting John Dyson Heydon AC QC is anyone's 'stooge' frankly indicates a glaring gulf of ignorance, as a Jurist he has a reputation internationally recognised as top shelf.
Then again, expecting the swiss cheese that occupies the cranial space atop your twisted spineless body to assimilate discussion, you would need to have fresh talking points issued by your masters before you could understand sufficiently to make a cogent comment on such matters.

"Stooge", unbelievable! oh that's right, Heydon sat on a selection panel that awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to Tony Abbott decades ago, I hope there were no socialist fellow travellers embedded in that nest of antisocial collaborators who so often select eminent members of the student body who just happen to turn out to be leaders of the socialist army on return to their country of origin, Chris Laidlaw as a reference.

Howie said...

"As for suggesting John Dyson Heydon AC QC is anyone's 'stooge' frankly indicates a glaring gulf of ignorance, as a Jurist he has a reputation internationally recognised as top shelf."

His reputation is in the bin as a result of him being Abbott's stooge. That much is clear. Abbott's staggering stupidity engulf's everyone in his circle (and leads to you having massive tanties).

gravedodger said...

No requirement for you to provide additional evidence of your monumental ignorance Howie , you have made a very conclusive case already.
Even some very senior and fair minded Labor Party people, including Graham Richardson who goes right back to the Bill Hayden era, have freely made public their total acceptance of the now retired High Court Justice's impeccable credentials but they also see his commissions destruction as imperative if Shorton brains is to survive and the trade unions are not to be seriously degraded along with the funding they provide to labor at every level.
Of course to anyone with more than a passing knowledge of Labor dodgy dealings particularly in and around NSW "Richo" not only knows where many bodies are buried he was on the detail that dug the holes. His wife Cheryl was involved with a previous sorte into such matters when she was paid for clerical work that did not require her attendance at the relevant office. See The Woodward Royal Commission c1980
That is just more reason to see the Heydon Royal Commission succeed in its inquiry into Trade Union Governance and Corruption. Hint to Howie, the key word is "CORRUPTION" , look it up, there are online dictionaries.

Howie said...

"the key word is "CORRUPTION""

For once you are correct. Abbott's commission is a corrupt attempt at a taxpayer funded political show trial. The appointment of his stooge to run it is just the icing on the cake. It's all unravelling for terrible Tony, and that's why you're getting more hysterical by the day.