Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cripes That Will Be A Challenge For Phil!

The Ottawa City Council;
Mayor Jim Watson.
Ward 1 Bob Monette,
Ward 2 Jody Mitic (bloke),  
Ward 3 Jan Harder (blokess),
Ward 4 Marianne Wilkinson,
Ward 5 Eli El-Chantiry (bloke),
Ward 6 Shad Qadri (bloke),
Ward 7 Mark Taylor,
Ward 8 Rick Chiarelli,
Ward 9 Keith Egli,
Ward 10 Dianne Deans,
Ward 11 Tim Tierney,
Ward 12 Mattieu Fleury,
Ward 13 Tobi Nussbaum (bloke),
Ward 14 Catherine McKenney,
Ward 15 Jeff Leiper,
Ward 16 Riley Brockington (bloke)
Ward 17 David Churneshenko,
Ward 18 Jean Cloutier (bloke),
Ward 19 Stephen Blias,
Ward 20 George Darouse,
Ward 21 Scott Moffat,
Ward 22 Michael Qaqish,
Ward 23 Allan Hubley.

How many of that two dozen would be a real Jaffa on an assessment of ethnicity by names.
Now for the bonus where would the NZLP have those Canadians placed on a Barfoot & Thompson Client list as a domicile if they were a part of the voracious Canadian "foreign investors"  who swamped the list as the biggest spenders revealed today.

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