Monday, August 10, 2015

Couldn't Be More Wrong Rachel.

Sadly, also a serious impediment to progressing women across the board.

The airheaded bint who occupies the hour between  tiring overnight hosts, who just happen to be males, and the flagship Newstalk breakfast show of Hosking, Monday to Friday,  who's name is descriptive of her abilities,  has had more cases of foot and mouth than Argentina.

As if not noticing her  mic was still live and offending  every woman fighting weight gain was not bad enough, her latest outburst on alleged sex discrimination in Radio appointments when total ignore could have been seen as strategic, she just had to open her gob and confirm how shallow is her ability.
A characteristic rant on an imagined slight to all women with the appointment of a male redundant self assessed super star to the  vipers nest of state radio,  leaves many incredulous

I am at a total loss,  understanding the prestigious firm of KPMG continuing their brand association with a clear loser, at  an hour when a significant captive audience from a demographic one could be excused for thinking  an ideal target is awaiting  seduction.
0500 weekdays is when some of the real movers and shakers are out and about seeking breaking news and updated information as very useful to augment decision making at days beginning.
To be insulted with whiny socialist drivel must be potentially damaging to the sponsor and the media delivering it.

If 'Rach' needs any possible reason why her regular slot is  only one hour at dawn, maybe she needs to listen to her efforts and have them critiqued by her peers, also the reactions to her efforts as a stand in for Larry Williams recently were just plain awful,  an analysis of her ratings there would be revealing.
It is not about the gender it is about talent and it is too often absent when some sit at the mic delivering rather indifferent opinion when many listeners just want "NEWS".


Anonymous said...

I am not sure whether it is partly to do with her delivery but it seems all which dribbles from her mouth is glib, glossy and reactive. I think listeners ought be able to expect a degree of wisdom from radio presenters but in her case wisdom and depth are distant relations. I agree, I cannot begin to understand why KPMG allow their name anywhere near this gross failure.


Tinman said...

My radio has an off/on switch.

At 05:00 I am usually found reading the news online while enjoying the quiet of the morning before work.

I'm damned if I'd even consider reaching for that off/on switch, let alone tuning the radio away from a music station - I'm interested in facts that allow me to form an opinion, not someone else's opinion.