Saturday, August 8, 2015

Blasted Weather.

Last night we  celebrated the 70th birthday of my good mate and proprietor of the Grand Hotel,  one of the good bastards is Eric.

As we left  The Grand at around 10 30 it was raining quite hard and for a first time in my life we climbed from rain to snow as when we reached our little bit of paradise it was snowing heavily at around 60 M asl.

A bit slow this morning but this was 0800 hrs so it did not continue.
 Little bro on the western edge of the North Canterbury Drought zone managed 4mm and no snow.

That enclave of a very dry pocket is only getting worse and time has probably run out for meaningful recharging  of ground water and the subsoils, anecdotal evidence of dry springs and creeks are proliferating.
There are some eye watering examples of very low YTD rainfall figures.

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