Saturday, August 29, 2015

Bet You Wont Stop Stupid, Mikey. Bad Luck Happens.

Thank you  Mikey, more blimmin Crats making work and creating nothing of value, only mirages of doing something that in all probability wont make a blind bit of difference.

Are 'platform shoes a H & S problem for a polly with a seemingly endless stash of idiocy in a safe in his office.

Yesterday, a news report told us a farmer had died and there was possibly  an ATV  involved in that tragedy.
Amidst the jargon and sensation was a bit that claimed  it required the fire crew to remove the machine from a 'ditch' then recover the body of the deceased near a laneway on flat terrain.

So what really happened, well as far as the nincompoop reporter is concerned the following points were prominently aired.
1  A 'farmer' died on a 'farm'.
2  An ATV was involved.
3 The Fire Service attended.
4  The general terrain was flat.
5  A drain/ditch was involved.

So as "Big Mike" Micky Woodhouse was piloting his latest abortion  on matters, 'Dying at Work'  through the parliament, this unfolding tragedy had relevance somehow.

What that very current and possibly pertinent as regards news cycle timing news, did not state was;
1 Was the Farmer farming or not.
2  How 'dead' was the alleged victim when discovered.
3 Could there be any observable clues as to what initial evidence indicates might have  happened.
4 Was the victim wearing an approved hat and or Hi-Viz clothing.
5 Was there any attempt at resuscitation

Now I am not asking for a bunch of talking heads to speculate or make stuff up but there is so much observable evidence in plain view. Weather and ground conditions, tracks/wheel marks, vehicle damage,  any animals, any modifications attachments or additional loading as regards the machine, age experience and physical condition of the victim, clear hazards in addition to 'normal' whatever that might mean.

Now before any retards suggest that this post is insensitive or badly timed, it is made on the principles involved and no comment on the already published location down to quite small variables, some quite revealing information on the victim  and images of a property that will be no mystery to those closest to all involved in the tragedy.

Alas the guts of what actually happened will only be revealed when the coronial inquiry and findings are released some months in the future when for the general public it will be of little relevance other than another sad statistic on a possibly avoidable death that occurred  on farmland.
I accept that  the reality of such an inquest due process but the bare bones headers and hints when safety of all involved in a very disparate and potentially lethal industrial activity was skimmed over as  infotainment, a fluff piece is how it appeared to me.


Howie said...

It's revealing how, in your own barely literate way, you screechingly lay out for everyone how little value you place on farm workers lives (shit just happens eh?). I guess they're just there to make money for the tory in the big house right?

Redbaiter said...

There are no Tories in the big house Howie, and its one of the problems with this country.

They're all FITH Progressives, and people like you and Grave Dodger put them there.

He voted for the collective of left wing turkeys who passed this legislation, so he can wear it and STFU.

Angry Tory said...

There are no Tories in the big house Howie, and its one of the problems with this country.

hell yeah. How should this have been handled if NZ ever wants to be economically competitive (or even free) again?
- Farmer's land
- Farmer's ATV
- Farmer's "worker"

end of story.

Howie said...

ROFL. The twin Dukes of Retard have shown up just to demonstrate that Gravetodger is only moderately crazy. One to advocate for slavery the other one just to rant incoherently. Thanks guys!