Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Amateur Hour or War of the Worlds.

Last year NZ voters were subjected to the most serious  attempt in our short history to purchase our democracy but thanks to the well known summary that you can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool all the people all the time, our fragile democracy survived more or less intact.

A person whom many wonder how he could be so successful  in his chosen field yet be a total nonce in politics, has spent eye watering amounts only to fail to secure an electorate seat or break the 5% barrier to our list system. He is now submerged in a morass of political stupidity trying to regain a shred of credibility by threats to sue some of those perceived to have caused his demise.
The second was far more overt and it turns out even more spectacular as a failure, who spent sums as yet still largely a mystery and managed to lose an already held electorate seat and also coming up short on the 5%. It would appear his main motivation to enter the political tournaments was avoidance of a possible extradition to the US to face federal courts.
The net result of millions of dollars spent has both the megalomaniacs wondering where it all went wrong but it was simply that too many voters saw through the cascade of dosh and rejected what were blatant forays into the electoral landscape giving massive support to the theory that big bucks wont buy political power, it is simple things such as policy, trust, competence and ability  that matter to a majority of voters.

The United States is being subjected to a similar tilt at power only the spend and the stakes are monumentally larger.
Donald Trump has inherited wealth that he has finangled through near bankruptcies and successes to a fortune that is speculative at best, as to its real value, has now at 69 years old, entered the primaries to contest the position of Republican candidate for the presidency.
Inevitably with his total absence from political reality and the dead rat feasting that must accompany anyone who lives in that surreal world, he has made what to most mortals would end up as career ending foot in mouth outbreaks.
Early in his play he hopped onto the festering sore that has crime and illegal immigrants crossing the porous border from Mexico into Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.
 'Chumps' solution to build a "wall" from the Gulf to the Pacific a distance of over 3000 km was announced but within hours of that totally stupid and bound to have minimal impact, came disclosure that one of the most wanted criminals on either side of that border, had tunnelled over one km to freedom from a secure Mexican gaol. So that left the Chump trying to sell a seriously inept idea that when costing appeared was well in excess of a billion US$ and that was only for a model that a child could defeat let alone one to impede those seriously motivated.
His next highlight came in a televised candidates debate where The Chump made extremely unfortunate remarks to a moderator, relating to her menstrual cycle.
He is not a loose cannon he is politically a moronic idiot who after over half a century of total control of all who come near  his economic domination, best summed up by his dismissal of aspiring candidates on a TV show "you are  fired"!

A long time Democrat he clearly saw an opportunity for a political success as the Republican presidential candidate and with his penchant for destroying every thing in his path without consideration of possible value he is on track to obliterate any chance for the Grand Old Party to get anywhere near the Whitehouse November 2016.
With his stated intent, albeit just as often retracted,  to run as an independent if thwarted as the Republican nominee. It's almost certain as things stand at present his machinations will obliterate any small chance that any of the dozens of Republican aspirants could possibly wish for.
Fertile grounds for conspiracy theorists in The US to suggest he is still doing good works for the Democrats but that is highly implausible given the massive ego involved.


Anonymous said...

For the first two paragraphs, I thought you were talking about Colin Craig.

Jim Peters

Redbaiter said...

Your analysis of Trump is so reliant on mainstream media myth its pitiful.

And Trump said nothing about anyone's menstrual cycle during the Presidential debate.

In fact he didn't even say it during a later interview on CNN. He never mentioned menstrual cycles at all.

Get up to speed or give it up.

You can read misinformed pro-establishment status quo bullshit like you write anywhere. Its not really what blogging is about.

gravedodger said...

So pray tell us what "blogging" is all about oh wise one.

Redbaiter said...

Well, I always thought it was about bringing readers something different to what they might read in the MSM.

There are plenty of truthful sources out there where you can get information, yet you seem to on this issue anyway just repeat the worthless crap that is on TV One/ TV3 or in the Herald/ Dominion.

Leaving aside its inaccuracy, why would people want to read it on your blog when they've already heard it from those sources anyway?