Wednesday, August 12, 2015

A Sincere Thank You, You All Know Who You Are.

Many of my friends, colleagues,  acquaintances and the odd person who is diametrically opposed politically, who are aware of my efforts in the ether, make a point of making a supportive comment or at least a valid criticism in person.

Similarly there are some who follow my profile and make a private comment in support by email that they do not wish to add as a comment on a post. Another such totally unexpected arrived  in the inbox this morning triggering this well overdue acknowledgement.
With all the crap around the activities of Raw Shark, Hager, The Obese Kraut and other such pond scum even that private messaging could be seen as fraught.

 Making avoidance of active participation in Blog machinations is entirely understandable as there are many more out there who have a lesser drive to be as active as tragics such as I indulge themselves with.
Otoh there are times when the obnoxious bastards who go out of their way to attack my beliefs, my ability to express my self,  my clear right of centre , self responsible, socially responsible, total opposition to the current "Welfare model" and my atheist based adoption of Judeo- Christian values.
Such tiresome denigration, bereft of argument, mindless personal attacks do sometimes cause me to wonder why I persist and then a totally unexpected message arrives and  doubts are vanquished.
That is Politics and  as a totally non aligned, albeit very fervent believer in the rights of man as a superior animal I get up again and carry on doing something that  for me personally, is very therapeutic, nearly always rewarding and enjoyable emotional release.

So Thankyou again to those whose glass is always at least half full.

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