Monday, July 27, 2015

You Couldn't Make This Up....

...could you?

"A massive oversupply of Kiwi teachers is forcing trained educationalists to seek other professions, or teach maths, a problem which may continue for several years."

So say's TVNZ in its daily attack on Gummint policies

Oh the shame of it all.   That'll teach the dork to go for a pussy worthless arts degree.


Chris said...

Many years ago my dad employed a young chap on his farm for the uni holidays. He was studying a science and was finding it hard.My dad said to him what will you do if you don't pass. He said I will go teaching!!
There is a saying I have heard " those that can, do, those that can't, teach"
Perhaps there are too many out there a present that "can't"

Noel said...

Showing your age Adolf. Today the requirement is for teaching related diplomas or degrees. In the old days the Ministry predicted the numbers required in any year at the Teachers College, today with user pays every Uni and tech institution runs courses.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Neither of you appears to get the point.

In the mind of this addled socialist, the subject of mathematics is not to be confused with teaching an activity reserved for polluting juvenile minds with all sorts of Maost Stalinist, Trotskyist, Clarkist and warmenising claptrap.

Paulus said...

I remember not too long ago being screamed at by the Teacher's Unions that there was a shortage of Teachers, and that they would have to be paid more to encourage more into teaching.

Noel said...

I couldn't get your link to open but I think this is the quote.

"The Ministry of Education admits its a challenge to find a teaching job, but is encouraging graduates to look for roles in rural areas and to specialise in high demand subjects like maths, science and Maori language."

In other words the demand for teachers at present is average but high for the listed speciality subjects.

Noel said...

That was early in 2008. Teachers said there was a shortage and Labour Government of the day argued there wasn't. Eventually it entered the preferred occupation list for immigrants which the current Government has now closed. Ironically back then there was a real shortage for maths and science teachers.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...


Thanks. Link fixed.