Friday, July 3, 2015

You Can Count On The Herald

.... to keep serving up this crap.

"...........He joined the army at 16 and went on to serve with the NZSAS and........."

I wonder how long it will be before The Herald discovers this amazing chap was awarded a Victoria Cross about which nobody knew anything?


Paulus said...

Was he not a mechanic with Officer rank attached to the SAS ?
I believe that he was not a fully warranted SAS soldier.

Blue said...

Corporal are not officers

The Veteran said...

If Ron Mark ever said he served with the SAS then he is a liar and should be bought to account. He may have attempted the SAS selection course but, for whatever reason, was never posted into that unit as a 'badged' member. If he did say that there is a website called ANZMI (Australian and New Zealand Military Impostors) run by a number of retired senior Warrant Officers which, no doubt, would have an interest in the matter.

I would prefer to think the NZ Herald was maintaining its very low standard of journalistic accuracy.

The Veteran said...

Paulus ... it is a matter of record that Mark was never posted to the NZSAS as a member of that unit. He retired from the NZ Army where he served as a RNZEME (Royal New Zealand Electrical & Mechanical Engineers) officer with the rank of Captain. He did serve with the Sultan of Oman's Special Forces as manager of their Workshop where he was given the honorary rank of Major.

James said...

I don't understand why he needs to embellish, or let others embellish, his record. RNZEME was a fantastic regiment (I currently serve in its successor, RNZALR), and vehicle mechanics are fantastic soldiers (recruited from the smartest applicants). Commissioning from the ranks is no mean feat. But this rubbish about serving with the SAS - lots of people serve in support of the SAS, it means they are competent, but NOT badged. If he just stuck to his service record, which is not a bad one, those of still in the army would respect him much more. As it is, we hate him for being a pretentious idiot with no credibility. Give us 'loggies' a bad name.

The Veteran said...

James ... my sentiments exactly ... and thank you for your service.