Saturday, July 11, 2015

Working For His People or Just Another Crook.

Tightarse Phillip Field who abused immigrant workers to improve his properties and went to the Big House for his criminal acts, was described by his deputy Party Leader as " only doing the best for his constituents", alas for Mr Field the justice system saw things in a different light.
His defenders who needed his vote to remain in possession of the NZ Inc credit cards performed some remarkable gymnastic moves to  obfuscate, spin, portray and otherwise ignore the patent truth of  his clearly criminal manipulations for many months, and it was for a time successful, it allowed the third term to be completed by the Clark administration. He was expelled in the previous year but saw benefit in staying on as an independent delivering C & S as he made vain attempts to create a vehicle to support his new status in his South Auckland fiefdom beyond the party machine that had made his initial success happen.

William Shorten, the wannabe next Federal Prime Minister of The Lucky Country, has had a horror week as he was required to front the Royal Commission into Trade Unions under Dyson Heydon QC a retired Judge of The High Court of Australia.
The stakes are very high and until last Thursday morning, Wee Willie Shortone and his supporters with a complicit MSM just went along with a strategy of 'ignore'.
After two days of some extraordinary revelations of the life and times of the main man from his days as the National secretary of the Australian Workers Union in the lead up to his goal of leading the Federal Australian Labor Party to the treasury benches, things just got worse for Shorton Brains.
That strategy of ignore was finally deemed to be totally inadequate so on Friday we had a "Battle of the Bulge c1944" attack where the dogs were unleashed.
Suddenly the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption could no longer be left to the vain hope that a compliant Parliamentary Press gallery, The lefties of the "independent"  Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Fairfax Newspapers would continue to publish virtually nothing other than maybe something at the foot of "page seven" or its equally buried equivalent.
The voices of Andrew Bolt, Larry Pickering, Paul Murray, Grace Collier, Miranda Devine, Chris Kenney  et al who had been almost in a wilderness could no longer be ignored.

On Friday morning the ALP decided they had to change tack;
Wayne Swan the  Rudd/ Gillard federal treasurer claiming the overturning of a convention in pursuing a defeated government with a "witch hunt".
Kim Carr Labor Senator threatening to use a Royal Commission to destroy the Libs when Labor regain the Treasury Benches as The Heydon RC was the product of a totalitarian regime using show trials to liquidate opponents.
Then Sam Dastyari Iranian born "Mr Fixit" claiming the Mafia now controlled the Liberal Party.
Extraordinary stuff that completely ignored the salient fact, the widely respected Jurist was looking into Unions not a defeated administration. That the power base of ALP leadership is vested in those often corrupt unions is just a fact of history.

Classic spin to portray a series of very dodgy moves by Shorty who as the boss of the AWU managed to parley a war chest of hundreds of thousands of dollars for his political ambitions, as kickbacks in his negotiations with large Corporates  over "make Peace" moves that in more than one instance left those very workers disadvantaged while the complicit corporates were immunised from industrial trouble. The funds were variously invoiced as "Training", "research" and in the case of one, allegedly of nearly five hundred thousand dollars, entirely unsupported by any documentation but as an "Oral contract".

That Royal Commission has already claimed some scalps including the downfall of Shorty's successor as AWU national secretary, one Cesar Melhem who lost his little pile of mud in the Victorian State Parliament as Government Whip, in the main for his continuation of Shortonbrains systems.. The matters that led to the establishment of the Heydon R C had already seen some fall from grace in the end games of the KRudd/Gillard/KRudd years with Craig Thompson MP as potentially the biggest fish.

It is conceivable that Shortonbrains will survive all this but right now the chorus of doubters is getting bigger and louder.
Hell even  Graham "Richo"  Richardson deeply loyal and embedded ex ALP Senator from the glory days is questioning the whole affair on the "Classic Pub Test" and found serious problems.

I note that Mr Slater at Whaleoil has mused on whether Mr Angry Andy has some skeletons buried somewhere that need some exposure to 'sunlight'.
The trade union is a very different beast to the political machine in a parliament and the ability of one of the former to ascend to the latter demands a very different skill set and many who make the step up find serious difficulty in making the transition

Btw to those who have an urge to contest my use of the various denigrating references to Bill Shorten, it is entirely as a result of his tiresome and continual reference to his Prime Minister as "Mista Rabbit" deliberately used as an equally 'sand pit' ploy.

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