Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Who Will It Be?

Commentators seem focused on whether or not the comprehensively corrupt Hillary Clinton will represent her comprehensively corrupt party come 2016.  (They are made for each other so I think she will.)

Of more interest is the  question of who the GOP will put up against her.

At this early stage, my pick is Governor Perry from Texas.   Yes he stuffed up last time but he's doing and saying much that needs to be done and said. 

If the Republicans stuff this one up you really can kiss America goodbye.


The Veteran said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ... corrupt. Let's take it in sequence then ....

Truman - Prendergast Machine (this not withstanding, I consider him to be the best US President Post WW2)
Eisenhower - What about his Chief of Staff Sherman Adams
Kennedy - Financed by the family fortune built on prohibition booze
Johnston - Described as "corrupt, cruel, callous, crude, a vicious user of women, a bully of men and a shameless thief of elections ... and they were the good things
Nixon - nuff said
Ford - despite his critics I do think that Ford could walk and chew gum at the same time
Carter - too much the micro-manager to be corrupt (but don't ask about brother Billy)
Reagan - Iran-Contra Affair
Bush Snr - Anyone who could pick e Dan Quayle to be his Vice President had to be lacking in something
Clinton - One word. Whitewater
Bush Jnr - Lawyergate
Obama - IRS improper investigation of conservative political groups
Hillary Clinton - destruction of e-mails, unfolding as we speak

Seems to go with the territory

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Hello Vet

There is a difference between, on the one hand being a scoundrel and a crook and, on the other being corrupt.

I think the Democrats have a have a ten lengths lead in the corruption stakes while the GOP has produced a few pretty competent crooks..

Blair said...

Rick Perry has no hope in hell. He won't survive Iowa, and I'd be surprised if he even made it that far. He has no grassroots support base and no money. The only people who take him remotely seriously all live outside of Texas. Having lived here for nearly six years, I've yet to come across a single person with anything good to say about him. He is known for being both intellectually and practically lazy. The only reason he became Texas's longest-serving Governor is because his Democratic Party opposition were so mediocre themselves. Texas GOP activists will all support Cruz over Perry. The man is a joke.

James said...

I reckon Dr Ben Carson will do it. He's hasn't had a spectacular start, mainly because so far only the activists and hard core bases from each party have been active - this helps explain why the totally unelectable Bernie Sanders is so popular with the Democrats (even though he's running behind Clinton) and why the republicans can't unify under a single person - only the most vocal about issues that the base is motivated about, but not middle America. Ie, immigration is all the rage for the GOP, Carson is solid on this but not a firebrand, therefore he isn't getting much airtime.

However, he has such an immensely impressive CV, genuinely coming up from poverty and helping thousands in poverty, is solidly Christian (SDA), and that does count for something, and I think is the GOP's best chance of winning over swinging voters tired of establishment figures and disenchanted with Obambi hope and spin policies.

The biggest thing going against him is lack of government experience, but this time maybe Americans will see that as a good thing, given how fed up most people are with Washington and even their local gubernatorial figures.

James said...

Further to my last - this election will be the biggest identity politics election (at least, since Obama beat McCain!). Clinton will play up that women should vote for her just because, and republicans will only be able to respond to this by either having a more inspiring woman (which Carly Fiorina isn't), or a more inspiring minority politician, which Dr Carson certainly is. As much as I hate identity politics, it is an unfortunate aspect of modern-day democracy where ideas come second to the image.

Joe the Sparkie said...

The GOP Clown car is overflowing.

But Ben Carson? The man is an imbecile. Listen to him any time he is questioned on government, president v congress roles and the constitution he jabberjaws and makes Sara Palin look intelligent. Carson will be destroyed in the debates long before the GOP get down to its quarter finals.

The GOPs best hope is Trump with his wig as his running mate. :-)

The best, in fact the only, hope for an American revival is Bernie Sanders the only one who would be willing to overturn the banking cartel and the political plutocracy that controls the US.

Ghost Of Grerenwood said...

"The man is an imbecile."

He was the director of pediatric neurosurgery at John Hopkins Hospital. His has published numerous ground-breaking research revered medical publications. And a yellow-backed dirtbag such as yourself wouldn't be worthy enough to tie his shoes.

The Veteran said...

Gueez Ghost ... attacking Joe, one of your own!!!!!! Has the worm turned? But you might be right with Joe, anyone who thinks Trump is the answer hasn't understood the question.