Sunday, July 19, 2015

What Is One More

The greens have found another crusade that can be cured with a Tax.

Plastic shopping bags, Denise Roche,   is banging the drum for a way to reduce the rather unfortunate outcome created by  the billion or so plastic bags that retailers have embraced to give clients a half decent chance to get multiple purchased objects from checkout to vehicle, public transport and then to a final destination, can cause when disposal is poorly done.

I can recall incidents in shopping precinct carparks where a shopper,  in the days of Paper Bags,   had the mortifying experience of a pile of escaped merchandise released to the asphalt due to a failure of the bag from a disastrous split or from a systemic failure brought on by liquid contamination. It is a rare outcome today indeed since the introduction of the lightweight but much more effective Plastic bag.

Of course some of that billion bags will become detritus and cause offense, or worse be  dangerous to wild life resulting from  indiscriminate disposal.
However any convenience has an inherent ability to cause grief if misused and it is the casual disregard or the intentional act of the undisciplined that is the problem not the retailer who is using the technology to make a customer happy.

The rather shallow bid to be seen to be responsible that follows from The Warehouse and Pak n Save to charge for their bags will have an almost nil effect as I get perverse  pleasure from taking a branded Bunnings bag to the Red Shed and a Countdown Bag to Pak n Save to carry my purchases.

As with almost every "project" the Melons move to use for yet another save the planet publicity stunt, it misses the target. It is changing the mindset of the idiot retards  who allow the bag to enter the environment through education that is the answer, as the charge is not effecting such an outcome.  At 5c it is totally ignored as a mechanism and if they were genuinely trying to make people aware that cost would need to be a dollar and then to the dumb it still would be only a cost of doing business but then it might also impact on the very bunch who they wish to bluff with their skilled marketing who just might go to the other mob still giving them for free. The cognisance to understand the free one will be added to the cost of the groceries or the piece of Junk made in China that will only make a short detour on its journey to the land fill anyway, being completely overlooked.

Sadly Ms Roche's solution will never work but she got her moment in the sunlight and it is of no matter that the brain fart will not make a blind bit of difference.  It will be no surprise when such detritus ends up on the roadside.

However as another tax to be levied it will just be added to the growing list.


Howie said...

"It is changing the mindset of the idiot retards who allow the bag to enter the environment through education that is the answer"

Seriously? A publicly funded education campaign? You really think that would work? What about compulsory classes for plastic bag abusers? Got any other fantastic ideas, Albert?

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Howie take your sarcasm and and your skinny troll arse and fuck off.

A publicly funded education programme in Australia during the seventies was responsible for dramatically reducing the amount of litter in public places.

The slogan was 'Don't rubbish Australia.'

But hang on, I thought you idiot lefty trolls were all for 'publicly funded education programmes? Oh, you mean only when you suggest them?

Howie said...

Ah yeah, something that's pretty broad-based and simple like "put your rubbish in a bin" is basic enough even for Australians to pick up on. I'm just wondering what else you're now magically in favour of public education campaigns about, and how much you want your taxes to go up to pay for them. How about something about not looking at the sun? Or putting your coat on when it gets chilly? Or think about it before driving your car on the footpath? Nanny much?


Adolf might be able to comment on the effectiveness of the plastic bag ban.
I recall tales such as this one, which said a bag ban in South Australia lead to more sales of thicker bin liners.
With bin liners being thicker, the ban brought no environmental improvement.
It's a bit like councils charging to take rubbish, supposedly to deter the generation of waste.
Yet, all it does is fuel fly-tipping.
It is interesting to know how many 'Green' polices actually are damaging to the environment!
There seems so many.