Sunday, July 19, 2015

Was There Nobody Else Available?

Adolf tripped over TVNZ news a few minutes ago.

The feature story is commentary from three young Chinese NZers about Labour's foolish racial profiling.

They all look the same, you know, so it wasn't until I read the names that the penny dropped.

One of the three is a 'business consultant' by the name of Bevan Chuang.  The only business in which she has any experience is funny business in the Ngati Whatua room with the dropkick Mayor.

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Anonymous said...

Q & A couldn't even get the names correct.

My son went to college with Zen (the male sitting to the left, not in the middle), and remains good friends with him to this day. Zen is a fine young New Zealander with a great sense of humour - loved his comment about getting more of a hard time admitting he is from Palmy than of Chinese ethnicity.

Shame on TVNZ.