Friday, July 31, 2015

Those Who Ignore History.

Today, the world has many countries who's earlier inhabitants have been over come by more recent arrivals.
South Africa, Australia, New Zealand,  USA and Canada and South America, and others have resulted in the indigenous being swamped numerically, politically, economically and socially

Meanwhile highly populated regions with a fast growing Muslim population  have started a mass migration back to nations  who were for centuries the colonisers and far too many political leaders seem to just want to be spectators.
When Abbott and Morrison embarked on a policy of stopping the boats, the luvvies and the ALP said it cant be done. Now after 23 months of no boats making it to Mainland Australia Willee Shorten has finally made his ALP see sense and adopt the Turnbacks as policy albeit with a rider if it can be done humanely, Why do visions of Tui Billboards cloud my thinking.
So after six years of illegal arrivals at around a thousand a month and many more drowning while trying,  plus eyewatering billions in costs under KRudd and Gillard, Abbott has seen his only real political success evolve. That is the only migration  pushback that has occurred in decades.

France because of its historic links to North Africa has major problems and now with the migration across the Mediterranean, all of Europe has similar threats to its way of life.
The UK has large areas that are for all intents and purposes under de facto Islamic control,  largely  people from  the Sub Continent.

Thousands of mainly Muslim men are continually attempting to make their home in the UK via the Chunnel, what will it take before the surrender is signed.
Forget Chamberlain, his total misreading of Herr Schikelgruber in Munich in 1938,   only cost some 20 million dead to solve, how many now if Europe is to regain its treasured way of democratic freedoms.
Or is Peace in our time c2015 going to allow the total islamisation of the cradle of democracy,  extinguishing religious freedoms, intellectual independence, education opportunity and a treasured way of life.
Assuming the guilt from the actions of those who went before us for what they did as the way of the world is just stupid and will make no progress for humanity, however standing aside while a people with a religious dogma driving their invasion and an accompanying refusal to assimilate or even rub along is a recipe for disaster.
At least the old colonisers brought law, commerce, some form of democracy with its allied freedoms, Islam is still firmly rooted in the world of 1400 years ago and its very structure prevents any modernisation or developing freedoms.
Sweden is facing a serious social problem with its third city Malmo, having at least three grenade attacks in a week and over thirty bombings for the year to date.  A country that has been to the forefront with a  pro immigration stance with little thought to what is a now clearly a growing problem.
When Anders Breivic went rogue over what he saw as an assault on his homeland of Norway and shot  69 people he saw as enablers of the serious threat,  the media, politicians and the chatterati saw nothing to restrain their condemnation of what wikipedia calls a "far right terrorist" yet with many more  being slaughtered monthly in the name of a pedophile prophet such numbers of dead  rarely make the bulletins.

For all that is truly valued,  what will it take before the political leaders see what many already understand only too well, Islam is on its Crusade and they will not stop at the Gates Of Jerusalem, or even the Green hills of England, the World is their target and with the way the response to ISIL?ISOL,  The Caliphate or whatever the current euphemism might be in Syria and Northern Iraq, is running, they  have occupied The Rhineland and  Czechoslovakia with Austria, Poland,  Alsace/ Lorraine  and the rest of France to follow.
Somehow the best hope is a Churchill will emerge but there is little sign of that.
At least as Herr Schikelgruber rose to his dictatorship  after the Death of Hindenberg Churchill was actively warning where it would end with his almost lone voice while appeasers and enablers just watched,  but today there is only Le Pen, and maybe Farage and they aint no Winston  Churchill.

I concur with the recent prognostications of Military Leaders who are suggesting a hundred years war and that might still end in defeat. Delaying a declaration will only result in many more causalities for both sides but I do not care too much over the Islamist dead, at least they have an afterlife to look forward to, me, I am only concerned with the here and now. That does not include a monotheist religion that as demonstrated in the areas under the control of the followers of the one god and his prophet that successfully buried the leading civilisation of its time,  continues to survive on keeping its followers in a state of mindless abdication of power to the Mad Mullahs.


Anonymous said...

It's funny how the farther away you are the more clearly you can see and the more frightened you become.

You seem to be confusing religion and economics, civil war and conquest. I can assure you the picture is not as bleak as you paint it.

Howie said...

Holy crap this piece is hysterical nonsense. I like the undertone of sympathy for Anders Breivik, even if you can't spell his name. I guess at heart you're kindred spirits.

Anonymous said...

Well written, well said and well laid out.
Having first hand experience of whats happening in Europe and especially in areas that have effectively become ghettos and like many fellow compatriots finally despaired of the head in the sand (especially from socialists) attitude of denial and refusal to even allow discussion on the problems, I fled the coming implosion and anarchy for what is left of a society and country based on Judea-christian principles and law.
Do I bring with me attitudes toward islam, yes, I am acutely aware of the “problems”! No damn it, I know the dangers I’ve lived through the "one or two" immigrants living differently through to the point where the whole area becomes an extension of the 4th world shit holes they came from, ignoring the hosts laws and customs through to changing them to align with their “religious lives” and hence overturning the hosts rights and laws that were defended by families and histories for hundreds of years.
Do I want to see the same happen here, stupid, why do you think we came here.
To the two commenters above, bollocks to your “multicultural crap” if you are Pakhia take youselves off to any of the following Paris/ Marseille/Malmo/Stockholm/Copenhagen/Bradford/Luton or Manchester suburbs, rent a room and live there for 6 months, when your wife/girlfriend has stopped been spat at, heckled at the least, groped and threaded with rape and finally decided that she can’t dress other than as they do, get back to me about your self righteous preening attitude.
And if you were Jewish which you plainly are not, it would already be too late, now they have started on the christians and after that its all over anyway.