Thursday, July 23, 2015

They are thick,

Totally bereft of intelligent life.

For a time the NZEI, the primary teachers union kept silent and possibly were seen to be less moronic.
Yesterday that facade fell off it's perch when they rejoined the PPTA in their mindless crusade to destroy Charter or in Newspeak, Private Partnership Schools.

Among the scattered garbage flung at the move to address the forgotten thousands who fell off the state school train for any of several reasons, the cloth capped retards intent on the  single driver of protecting the almighty union, we were variously dumped on with;

"They will be able to employ unregistered teachers, yes but what will that do. Only weaken the already well proven fact that 'registration ensures nothing additional to any protections'.
There has been a disastrous parade of registered teachers sexually molesting pupils, committing fraud and contravening drug laws.

These schools will enjoy higher funding levels, again a massive fail, published data reveals the opposite.

PP Schools will have a freedom from the curriculum, well all schools across our nation enjoy remarkable freedom in bringing differing curicula variations to the table.

No the stream of invective directed at the policy involves one single  reason for the attacks, when these schools under the PP  umbrella produce their results they are delivering a level of renewed involvement and successful learning outcomes that are wonderful for the pupils from the discard pile and are an embarrassing revellation of the failure of the cloth cap retards who seem to have absolutely no concerns when up to 20% of the resource is allowed to fail.

The only thing that sustains the sad ignoring of the mass of the talent pool is the easy road of just turning up to work the union protected job for life that is the very worst of retarded union protections, right brothers.

Well brothers, the people out there in world real dont consider your ignorant charade is a goer, some of our youth will be very successful as plumbers, sparkys, chippies, drivers and for that they need to emerge from your green house with skills and enhanced talents that the teacher unions, in their ideological nether world see only as collateral damage and the thought that an alternate system might do things better must be killed at birth.
Apparently the NZLP concurs.


Daily Media Review said...

It would seem the teacher's unions and their members are more than happy to sell out the futures of underachieving students, rather than acknowledge their own failings as teachers or the success of others who know how to do their job correctly.

Anonymous said...

Dave Grp0dger, you're as thick as a brick