Thursday, July 16, 2015

The Mystery Is Why It Took So Long.

AS the opposing sides involved in Deyson Heydon's Royal Commission into Australian Union Corruption continue to spin the events to suit a political stance, one major principal of law remains hidden in the fog of ignorance.

As the world advances into a prosperous and transparent future commercial entities such as charities, companies and various industries are required to conform to legally binding facets of their operations to allow scrutiny by an increasingly more aware public that their operations and policies are fair, equally applied and honest.

As more information is delivered under oath by witnesses to Heydon's inquiry  a mountain of evidence is growing that Unions are totally exempt from rules that govern other enterprises.

It is no different here and in other jurisdictions and David Cameron has had enough. Now freed from the ball and chain that was the UK liberal Party he has launched a crusade to bring the increasingly irrelevant Trade Union Movement kicking and squealing into the twenty first century.
Similar noises are being heard in Australia, in particular why a Union handling millions of dollars is not subject to all the rules that restrain other commercial entities as to reporting and transparency.

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