Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Swimming Against The Current?

or maybe recognising what happens in the real world.

When Gillard was getting closer to falling off the scaffolding as the weasel saw his chance to stamp on her fingers, she created a ten billion dollar fund to allow those, who in the misguided pursuit  of 'sustainability' could not successfully find a money lender who had both brains and balls and with enough ability to  follow the brains bit, to finance the very doubtful, volatile and expensive alternative energy market.
Public perception had that ten billy funded from her now cancelled carbon tax when the truth was it was all borrowed.

New Zealand is one of the very few economies in the world where wind generation has established without serious taxpayer subsidy due to lower cost establishment, close to networks for best wind sites and short line distances to consumers.
Having been up close and personal with the seven turbines set up in the South Wairarapa East of Martinborough called Ha Nui where no habitation exists within the Noise Zone, and then watched the establishment of the northern Tararua  ridge effort by Trust Power where the turbines dot the ridgeline between Pahiatua and Palmerston North,  I have no objection to the harnessing of the very apparent wind potential in both sites.

In Australia,  using funding from Gillards slush fund, wind towers have been established on farmland where farmers looking for a few dollars have signed up leased areas to generators. there is an increasing concern arising that living too close to the sculptures has an as yet un proven detrimental effect on health from the noise and low level ambient vibrations.
Radio Jock Alan Jones has invested considerable effort into investigating such alleged outcomes.

With the ending of the Carbon Tax and the growing opposition to wind farms as the gloss wears off The Abbott Government has ended any further fingers in that honeypot and the luvvies are exercised.
With an estimated working life for a turbine of around twenty years the replacement will now be sans any subsidy and it is very clear that without the OPMs it wont happen. Oh well the farmers will get a bit of dosh from the scrap.

In general terms without subsidy, the high cost of machinery and installation, establishment of a link to the network makes what seems a very good idea for cheap energy rapidly lose  money. In the main due to a failure for such a variable generation opportunity to match consumption. For example when it is cold and frosty there is no wind.
The very considerable advantage of Hydro is the ability to store water when generation is not needed and that salient fact is colossal whereas with wind and solar it does not exist and all too often the reverse is evident as in no solar when it is night and night can cause serious energy needs.

Ok it is simple but it is a myth where too many people of limited ability to reason get brainwashed by advocates for wind power.
Tony Abbott has worked it out and boy are the threatened piggies squealing at the thought of no more in their trough.
Of course Australia has coal reserves for Africa, and India, and China, and Japan ,and anyone else so increasing energy costs for consumers to harness the increasingly tarnished and bleeding wind farm lobby needs wider acknowledgement as the green preachers of doom have been so successful in denigrating coal as an energy source when the truth is it is the cheapest option and with modern practice more than clean enough, and next off the rank is nuclear.
And I am sorry Tony that will be another against the current swim required.

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