Monday, July 27, 2015

State run, good, you are kidding!

The Union sponsored beatup on Serco is  going to its next stage  today, while a disturbance yesterday at Corrections run  Mangaroa is blamed on understaffing.
Apparently at around 100k per prisoner in the corrections setup, more money will stop thugs smashing thugs, so long as it leads to more staff, union members of course.

A  minor problem arises at Waikato DHB with a couch operator and over a score of patients being sought after treatment by an unquallified shrink. Could that happen at a privatised hospital, possibly, but more money at a DHB will fix it, right.

Headline yesterday,  violence also happens in state run prisons, gosh how is that.

There are so many facets of prison management that could cut costs and prevent mindless thuggery but they would be deemed unacceptable.

Great aint it that such wrongs in Society only happen when nanny state is exposed to the real world, we are so lucky.
Cant wait for all security firm work handed back to the police, all WoF  removed from contracted workshops, motor regs and distance licences back to an enlarged Post Office,  close charter, integrated and private schools,  remove volunteers from Fire and Ambulance, I mean the USSR, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea are virtual Utopia eh.

The biggest advantage with privatising comes with accountability as Serco is discovering. With nanny state such hazards just never exist.


Noel said...

Serco deserves the criticism its receiving. It's a remand prison. To illustrate a friend awoke to a tagger on his property. He got out of bed and on the way out of the front door grabbed the fishing knife for his defence that he had left there after taking his children fishing during the day. Long story short the tagger sprayed him in the face and he lashed out and stabbed him once in the heart.
Naturally he was remanded in custody as he had pleaded not guilty to murder.
At that point he was not convicted and whilst awaiting trial he like anyone else in that situation should have the highest duty of care possible which Serco appears unable to provide. Past studies have shown there are many in remand who may not be convicted. Innocent until your legs a smashed after been dropped from a balcony by uncontrolled inmates doesn't sound like care to me.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Noel, it's about time you learned to stop peddling falsehoods.

Noel said...

All I know is when I asked him how he coped with the gangs all he said was his wife who is overseas born by chance had a relative who was tied to a different gang and a truce was made. I guess there are ways to protect yourself.