Monday, July 13, 2015

Sorry Dan, Not Gunna Happen

I have enormous sympathy that people such as Dan Carter and his Family have for many reasons lost an aspect of personal privacy  that most enjoy as of right by virtue of who cares.

He is public property, the wedding arrangements, the media blackout and subsequent exclusive glossy release were  very clear and present evidence of the elevated position of life in NZ for Honor Dillon and Dan Carter

His son Marcus should indeed be exempt from the lecherous desires of a witless media to use him but a snap of him on the shoulders of "the man" in a public place is very unlikely to gain any traction as a breach of his right to privacy. Maybe a chat to Mike Hosking sometime.
The value that Dan does not seem to hesitate to employ as an additional source of revenue makes a plea for privacy somewhat suspect.

Knowing Mr and Mrs Carter senior and having enjoyed a glimpse of their clear and obvious pride in what Dan has achieved on the field and some insight of the totally invasive aspects of life in the goldfish bowl,  can I respectfully suggest you give it up unless the published photo contains some manipulation beyond a walk in  public.

The Streisand effect is a far greater hazard than a casual and innocent snapshot.

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